Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs September 16, 2015

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
September 16, 2015

12 GeV Upgrade

Design of the final section of Hall C downstream beam pipe has started. This portion will reside very close to some of the Super High Momentum Spectrometer magnets when the spectrometer is rotated to forward angles, so the material properties and precise location are important. Similarly, the final detailing for components of the spectrometer vacuum system has been reserved until the mating parts of all five SHMS magnets are absolutely known. This detailing is now moving forward.

Progress on the magnets being fabricated in France are temporarily slowed while the vendor addresses mechanical tolerance issues with some of the cryostat components being built by subcontractors. Nevertheless, there is progress to report: the dipole helium vessel, which encloses the superconducting coils, has passed its pressure and leak tests; the Q2 coil has been placed inside its helium vessel; the Q3 coil and mating collaring rings have been finish-machined and are ready to be permanently joined. Testing of the HB magnet at increasing currents continues as improvements are made to its data-logging systems, the data are analyzed, and the numerical models that describe the magnet are refined.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

Nucleon-nucleon systems are studied with lattice quantum chromodynamics at a pion mass of mπ ~ 450 MeV at three spatial volumes, using three flavors of light quarks. At this mass, the deuteron binding energy is Bd = 14.4+3.2-2.6 MeV, while the di-neutron is bound by Bnn = 12.5+3.0-5.0 MeV. Over the range of energies that are studied, the S-wave scattering phase shifts calculated in the 1S0 and 3S1  - 3D1 channels are found to be similar to those in nature, and indicate repulsive short-range components of the interactions, consistent with phenomenological nucleon-nucleon interactions.


The Mechanical Engineering group has been busy with the following projects:

  1. The layout of the Hall C dump is underway. The dump's new vacuum pipe is out for quote and should be on order by the end of September.
  2. Completed the analysis of using SLAC's PEP-II magnets for a Medium-Energy Electron-Ion Collider.
  3. Assessment continues of the design of a prototype superferric dipole magnet towards achieving 3 Tesla, as required for an MEIC ion collider ring and ion booster ring.
  4. The UITF (Injector Test Facility) mechanical layout is well underway with the keV section nearly complete and progress made on the MeV section.


Help a Kid Become Enthusiastic About Science
Jefferson Lab volunteers are needed to help students with a range of classroom activities and as mentors for role model visits as part of the Becoming Enthusiastic About Math and Science program, which is Jefferson Lab's long-running math and science enrichment program for 5th and 6th grade students. Lab staff members, users and students interested in assisting with educational activities are encouraged to contact Christine Wheeler. The largest need, between October 2015 and April 2016, is for volunteers to support role model visits. See the all-hands memo for more information.

Performance Appraisal Training Offered on Friday, Sept. 18
If you'd like to learn more about or just brush up on Jefferson Lab's performance appraisal process, be sure to take advantage of the next training class, Navigating the Performance Appraisal Process: Conducting an Effective Performance Appraisal (MGT500), which is offered on Friday, Sept. 18 at 10 a.m. Interested staff can sign up for the class and see more information in the Learning Management System. If you have any questions about this or other training offered through the LMS, contact Brandye Rogers.

Submit Your Intellectual Property Now Through New Inventor Portal
The online Inventor Portal software, which is used for invention disclosure at Jefferson Lab, was recently updated to a new version. While the look and feel has changed, the general structure of the form and instructions for submitting a disclosure haven't. For more details about the upgrade, see this document. If you have intellectual property you'd like to disclose, visit the online tech transfer web pages for instructions and a link to the Inventor Portal. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about intellectual property, contact a member of the Technology Review Committee.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

Sept. 13-18 XVI International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy
Sept. 18: Jefferson Lab Fall Golf Outing
Sept. 21: Safety Shoe Vendor on-site
Sept. 28-Oct. 2: International Workshop on Beam Cooling and Related Topics
Oct. 5-7: MEIC Collaboration Meeting
Oct. 8-10: GlueX Collaboration Meeting
Oct. 26-28: HPS Collaboration Meeting


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