Summary of Analysis Workshop and Hall A Collaboration Meeting

Summary of Analysis Workshop and Hall A Collaboration Meeting

On December 10 and 11, 2002, the second annual Hall A analysis workshop was held at Jefferson Lab. The focus of this year's analysis workshop was on how various aspects of Jefferson Lab work, including the accelerator, target, and spectrometers. Electronic versions of the talks can be found at:

Collaborators from each of the experimental halls meet twice each year. Hall A staff, students and users usually meet in December and June.

During the December meeting, the following individuals were officially added to the Hall A collaboration:

Ph.D. students:

Areg Danagoulian (University of Illinois) RCS
Lisa Kaufman (University of Massachusetts) HAPPEX-II
Bin Ma (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 4He(e,e'p)
Vahe Mamyan (Old Dominion University) RCS
Carlos Munoz-Camacho (CEA Saclay) DVCS


Dr. Robert Feuerback (Hall A) Hall A Experiments
Dr. Dan Protopopescu (Glasgow University) Hall A Experiments
Dr. Andrei Semenov (Kent State University) GEN

Staff Physicists:

Dr. Alexander Borissov (GlasGow University) RCS-II
Prof. Benjamin Crowe (North Carolina Central Univ.) GEN
Dr. Ru Igarashi (University of Saskatchewan) BigBite
Prof. Norm Kolb (University of Saskatchewan) BigBite
Prof. J.-C. Peng (University of Illinois) Hall A Experiments

Hall A Leader Kees de Jager reported that [to date] there are now 13 PRL/PLB Hall A publications along with six other refereed journals and seven NIM (Nuclear Instruments and Methods) papers. The Hall A NIM paper is now in its final draft; and five experiments have archival papers in preparation. The up-to-date publication list can be found at:

In 2002, Hall A collaborators finished five experiments (E99-114, E98-108, E01-001, E01-020, and E00-007). The analysis has been completed on four experiments (E94-010, E93-049, E93-050 and E99-117) and at least two others are nearing completion.

The following is a list of experimenters who made presentations at the meeting (listed by experiment):

E89-044: 3He(e,e'p) Fatiha Benmokhtar
E91-011: N->Delta Rikki Roche
E97-103: g2 Kevin Kramer
E97-111: 4He(e,e'p)t Bodo Reitz
E98-108: Kaon John LeRose
E99-114: RCS David Hamilton
E99-117: A1n Jian-Ping Chen
E00-007: D(g,p) Ron Gilman
E01-001: SuperRosenbluth Ralph Segal
E00-102: 16O(e,e'p) Wendy Hinton
E01-020: D(e,e'p) Hassan Ibrahim


Also presented were status reports of upcoming experiments:

E01-012: Spin Duality Nilanga Liyanage
E97-110: Small Angle GDH Alexandre Deur
E99-115 & E00-114: Parity Kent Paschke


There are now many experiments planned for Hall A, which require the construction of new equipment for the Hall. Delays in the arrival of the two septum magnets were discussed. (The first magnet arrived after the Hall A meeting. By the end of February 2003 it was in place.) The other projects seem to be progressing on schedule. The following presentations were made on upcoming projects:

Septum Update John LeRose
Ring Imaging Cherenkov Francesco Cusanno
Moller Polarimetry Eugene Chudakov
DVCS Franck Sabatie
BigBite Peter Monaghan
Neutron Detectors John Watson


The Hall A version of the pCDR for the 12GeV upgrade was summarized by Zein-Eddine Meziani and the report can be found at:

An finally, five of the seven PAC23 proposals were presented during the collaboration meeting. Copies of all seven proposals can be found at:

PAC23 approved E03-003:RCS, E03-004:Transversity, and E03-011:Parity.

Submitted by Doug Higinbotham.

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