Jefferson Lab is After Dark (Matter)

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Local microbrewer completes craft beer series inspired by Jefferson Lab research

Jefferson Lab’s scientists are used to pursuing dark matter and its mysterious answers in their day-to-day. Now, with the help of Oozlefinch Beers & Blending, everyone can get a taste of the quest via Lab After Dark, a dark cherry stout that features a unique combination of flavors in honor of the lab’s chase for answers.

Jefferson Lab is after dark matter in the scientific pursuit of explanations and knowledge. Although dark matter is invisible to humans, it is believed to make up over three-quarters of the universe. Uncovering more information on dark matter drives scientists around the world to conduct experiments in hopes of catching the first glimpse of the elusive substance.

Lab After Dark, the latest in Oozlefinch’s lab-inspired series, is a rich stout made to toast friends, partnerships and the indefinable unknowns of the universe.

According to the Oozlefinch brewer, Lab After Dark is loaded with sweet dark cherry, which accentuates the cocoa notes from the base beer, while wildflower honey keeps the flavor floral and sweet. The beer was conditioned with coffee, cinnamon and vanilla, completing the flavor profile of a sweet cherry coffee cake. 

Lab After Dark is the fourth and final Jefferson Lab-inspired beer in the seasonal series developed by Oozlefinch. Previous releases include Strangely Charmed, a hazy IPA; 2 Kelvin Lager, an unfiltered pilsner; and Wave Surfer, a grapefruit and rosemary radler.

The new stout is now available for sale to the general public through Oozlefinch and local distributors. Remember: don’t drink and experiment. If you decide to try Lab After Dark, please drink responsibly.

By Jessica Bedenbaugh

Contact: Kandice Carter, Jefferson Lab Communications Office,


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