Exploring Hadrons with Electromagnetic Probes: Structure, Excitations, Interactions

The 2-day workshop will focus on novel applications of electromagnetic processes to explore the short-range structure of hadrons, the excitation spectrum, and hadron interactions with the nuclear medium. Particular emphasis will be placed on identifying connections between the different areas at the conceptual and methodological level, and discussing the experimental opportunities with the JLab 12 GeV Upgrade.

Topics include:

Hadron imaging with hard processes
Hadron spectroscopy with electromagnetic and hadronic probes
Hadrons in the nuclear medium and strangeness

The workshop will bring together experts in perturbative and Lattice QCD, phenomenology of electromagnetic processes, hadron spectroscopy, and dynamical models of hadron structure.

The workshop will promote a new collaboration with South Korean physicists in hadron physics with the JLab 12 GeV Upgrade and a future Electron Ion Collider (EIC).

November 2, 2017 to November 3, 2017