JLab Reminder: Appropriate Use and Disposal of Government Property

There have been a few incidents recently involving improper use of and/or disposal of government property at Jefferson Lab. This notice is to remind all JSA employees and users that all equipment, tools, furniture and supplies purchased by JSA are the property of the U.S. Government and should only be used in the performance of work under the contract. Excess property and items no longer needed for work under the contract remain government property until disposed of through appropriate channels. 

In addition, government-owned equipment and supplies may not be removed from the site without advance approval of the JSA Property Manager, Christian Whalen. If you have any questions or need help securing a property pass prior to taking equipment offsite for authorized business purposes, please contact Christian directly at ctwhalen@jlab.org or x5899. (Note: email address corrected.)

If you have any other questions about proper use and/or disposal of government property, please contact Christian or consult the Property Management webpage:https://www.jlab.org/fm/property/

Michael W. Maier