Reminder of Procedures for Receiving of Packages


The Receiving section has the responsibility of processing every item that is purchased with DOE funds. When a postal or package carrier delivers packages, someone there must open the package, check the condition of the contents, compare the invoice/shipping document and the Purchase Order, then input updates to the lab’s financial records. On average, the Receiving section gets 1500 packages per month and each package can have multiple items in it.  This receiving and documentation process must be done for every package delivered to our door in order for the vendor to be paid.

When you receive an email from the vendor or package carrier service that your package has arrived, it means that it was delivered to the Receiving section. From that point in time, our standard for getting that package to you is within 48 hours. Normally we are able to get it delivered to you it in less than 24 hours.  Weather delays, holidays, or vacations can affect that timeline, but we do our best to adhere to it.

Coming to the Receiving section for non-critical items when you receive the vendor’s email causes delays for everyone since our processing is stopped to find your package, cancel the process that was being completed, then input your package’s information.  For those with emergency needs, we will make it our first priority to get these items to you as soon as possible.

If you have questions about this or other processes in shipping and receiving, contact Christian Whalen ext. 5899 or Elaine Zuchowicz ext. 5010.