Salute to Veterans with Earl Skjoldager, U.S. Navy

  • Salute to Veterans with Earl Skjoldager, U.S. Navy

Earl Skjoldager served as a Machinist Mate in the Navy from 1995 to 2019. He started his career at Jefferson Lab in 2019 and now works as a Mechanical Design Intern.

"Because all of my deployments were different I always found something that I may never see again."

Q&A with Earl Skjoldager, U.S. Navy

What did you do for the military?
I was a Chief Petty Officer Machinist Mate in the U.S. Navy.

What made you decide to join the military?
I wanted out of my hometown and to do something with myself.

Why did you choose the branch of service that you did?
I wanted to travel and to not get stuck in just one place.

What was your favorite part of the job?
​Working with different people in some less than desirable situations and coming out the other side and then waiting for the next thing to accomplish.  

What was your most interesting/favorite deployment or duty station and why?
This is a hard question because all of my deployments were different and I always found something that I may never see again. I've been in a war zone to hanging on the side of a cliff held in place by the tips of my toes and fingers in Chania, Greece and finally being able to say that I have sailed around the world.

What skills did you develop that you use now after your military career?
​My outlook, working with others and valuing their opinion (they see something you don't because of their experience).

The regional home of Jefferson Lab, Hampton Roads, has a rich military history. Located in Southeastern Virginia, the region is currently home to more than 80,000 men and women in uniform, representing every branch of the armed forces. Throughout November 2019, Jefferson Lab is celebrating the region's military ties by highlighting some of our veteran employees who have served in the armed forces and who continue to serve their nation by supporting the research efforts carried out at the laboratory.


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