Salute to Veterans with Josh Cameron, U.S. Army Reserves

  • Salute to Veterans with Josh Cameron, U.S. Army Reserves

Josh Cameron currently serves as a Logistics Officer and Company Commander in the Army Reserves and has since 2011. He started his career at Jefferson Lab in 2007 and works in the Event Services Department and on the Emergency Management Team.

"Every male in my family as far back as I could track has served in some capacity or another in the military, so it was in my blood."

Q&A with Josh Cameron, U.S. Army Reserves

What do you do for the military?
I am currently in the United States Army Reserves and serve as a Logistics Officer and Company Commander of an Inland Cargo Transfer Company (ICTC). We manage the cargo that moves into an area, store it and get it ready for onward movement to the front.

Why did you choose the branch of service that you did?
I actually wanted to follow in my father's footsteps and commission in the U.S. Air Force, but they didn't need Officers at the time, so the Army was my second choice, but I love it.

What is your favorite part of the job?
Leading troops. I'm currently on my third Company Command. There is no better feeling than taking care of your Soldier's needs, mentoring them and meeting mission requirements. It brings a sense of pride to everyone involved.

What was your most interesting/favorite deployment or duty station and why?
Germany! Working for EUCOM gave me a lot of great logistical experience moving equipment all over the continent. It is also very central in Europe and I was able to travel and see a lot with very little trouble.

What skills did you develop that you use now after your military career?
I still currently serve in the Reserves, but the experience it has given me in logistics, planning, and leadership has made me very effective at my job here at Jefferson Lab.

The regional home of Jefferson Lab, Hampton Roads, has a rich military history. Located in Southeastern Virginia, the region is currently home to more than 80,000 men and women in uniform, representing every branch of the armed forces. Throughout November 2019, Jefferson Lab is celebrating the region's military ties by highlighting some of our veteran employees who have served in the armed forces and who continue to serve their nation by supporting the research efforts carried out at the laboratory.


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