Salute to Veterans with Terry Carlino, U.S. Navy

  • Salute to Veterans with Terry Carlino, U.S. Navy

Terry Carlino served as an Engineering Officer of the Watch after starting his career in Nuclear Power in the Navy in 1976. He started his career at Jefferson Lab in 1998 and works as a Senior Crew Chief in Accelerator Operations filling the Training Coordinator spot.

"Discipline that I learned help me complete my degree and go on to accumulate a number of advanced degrees."

Q&A with Terry Carlino, U.S. Navy

What did you do for the military?
I started my career working in Nuclear Power. After a break in service, I returned to work in conventional power plants and eventually gas turbine powered propulsion, where I finish after qualifying as an Engineering Officer of the Watch.

What made you decide to join the military?
I had a few years of college, but ran out of money and wasn't interested in accumulating debt. My father and uncle had been in the military and I decided to give it a try.

Why did you choose the branch of service that you did?
My father had been a Fire Control Technician in the Navy, so I decided to go Navy.

What was your favorite part of the job?
Travel and getting to work on systems few other people got to.

What was your most interesting/favorite deployment or duty station and why?
The ship I was on did a deployment as part of a NATO destroyer task force. One of the ships was a German ship of the same class. It was interesting to see how much better conditions were there. I got to hang out with the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Turkish Navy and an interesting collection of other senior Naval Petty Officers We hit a new port every couple of days all around the Mediterranean and always had a knowledgeable local to show us around.

What skills did you develop that you use now after your military career?
Operations and technical skills have been important. Discipline that I learned help me complete my degree and go on to accumulate a number of advanced degrees.

The regional home of Jefferson Lab, Hampton Roads, has a rich military history. Located in Southeastern Virginia, the region is currently home to more than 80,000 men and women in uniform, representing every branch of the armed forces. Throughout November 2019, Jefferson Lab is celebrating the region's military ties by highlighting some of our veteran employees who have served in the armed forces and who continue to serve their nation by supporting the research efforts carried out at the laboratory.


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