12 GeV Upgrade Technical Scope - Civil Construction

The Civil Construction subproject consists of modifications to existing buildings and utility systems to support the 12 GeV accelerator operations, an addition to the Central Helium Liquefier (CHL), including substations and cooling towers, and construction of a new experimental hall (Hall D) complex with utilities. The majority of the conventional facilities to support the 12 GeV accelerator operations are the utility upgrades of low-conductivity water (LCW) and power. The existing CHL Building will be expanded to house compressors for CHL #2. The mechanical and electrical systems serving CHL #2 will be similar to the existing system serving CHL #1. The Hall D complex consists of an experimental hall to house GlueX experimental equipment, an extension of the tunnel to house the new beam transport line and tagger magnet, a counting house, tagger building, beam dumps, cryogenics plant and service buildings. Utilities include water, sewer, electricity, telecommunications, chilled water, LCW and cryogenic distribution.