2021 Physics Seminars


Speaker Title Date
Efrain Segarra
The MARATHON Marathon: Nucleon Off-shell Structure and the Free Neutron Valence Structure from A=3 Inclusive Electron Scattering April 30, 2021
Christopher Cocuzza
The MARATHON Marathon: First Evidence of Isovector EMC effect from Global QCD Analysis with MARATHON Data April 30, 2021
Hanjie Liu
Univ. of Mass. Amherst
The MARATHON Marathon: The Measurement of the Nucleon F2n/F2p Structure Function Ratio from the MARATHON Experiment April 30, 2021
David Flay
Jefferson Lab
First Results from the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab April 23, 2021
Arun Tadepalli
Jefferson Lab
The SeaQuest Experiment: Anti-Quark Flavor Asymmetry in the Nucleon, Nuclear Dependence of Anti-Quarks in Nuclei and more! April 2, 2021
Charles J. Horowitz
Indiana University
The Neutron Skin of 208Pb and the Structure of Neutron Stars January 21, 2021