Experimental Readiness Review Chart

  Proposal Phase  
  • Submitting Proposals PAC & TAC
  • Director's Decision
 Preliminary Planning Phase
  • Exp. Description and Requirements
  • Exp. Readiness Review Calendar
Design Phase
   When is ERR?   
What to do

N. 1:

Before construction phase starts or existing equipment with high risk

  • If the experiment includes one-of-a-kind equipment with potential novel safety implications (examples: SC magnets, tritium or high-power cryogenic targets).
  • Fabrication of the equipment can start or it is deemed to be acceptable for use at the lab.


  • Provide the complete conceptual design of the full equipment. Decommissioning plans for target and activated components must also be developed as appropriate.
  • Carry out a safety analysis of the proposed equipment design, identify safety issues and incorporate mitigating measures necessary to be operated in planned experiment.
  • Provide manpower and resource requirements for equipment fabrication


Construction Phase














Scheduling of Experiment

N. 2:

Before a scheduling request can be submitted

  • If the experiment requires items in the category above and/or equipment beyond the declared base equipment.


  • At this stage:
  • Fabrication of the equipment is completed or near-completion,


  • Design of the equipment is finalized and manpower and resource requirements for equipment fabrication and installation are identified.
  • After this review, the experiment layout and components are considered frozen, and any design modifications will require approval by the Division Management.
  • This review will generate the list of recommendations to be answered prior to issuance of the Experiment Readiness Clearance.



  • This review includes an experiment installation plan, timeline and resource requirements. Things that must be presented or available for this ERR include:


  • Who is assigned as Physics Division Liaison for the experiment
  • Installation schedule
  • Preliminary commissioning and run plans
  • System ownership and responsibility
  • Preliminary data analysis plan


  • Existing equipment requirements finalized
  • New equipment design and requirements including cost finalized (if applicable)
  • Timeline for equipment fabrication & installation (if applicable)
  • Manuals for new equipment available
  • UL or equivalent certification for new equipment available


  • Manpower and resource requirements for equipment fabrication (if applicable) and installation


  • Preliminary OSPs for new systems (official forms with Subject Matter Experts indicated)
  • Flammable gas analysis if applicable
  • Preliminary: RSAD, ESAD, COO, ERG, Operations Manual
Equipment Installation

N. 3:

Before running the experiment

  • Every experiment needs this review.
  • If the experiment only includes base equipment and only in operation modes already executed, or only additional equipment that is a direct clone of base equipment, it ONLY needs this review.
  • The experiment is ready to be safely and effectively executed.
  • The experiment is ready for expedient data analysis towards publication.
  • The experiment is ready for the issuance of the Experiment Readiness Clearance.


  • Provide:
  • Final documentation: ESAD, RSAD, COO, ERG, Operational Manual
  • Safety Check lists
  • Experimental procedures both for shift leaders and shift takers and for experts
  • Proof of readiness for expedient data analysis towards publication.


 Run Experiment  


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