Experiment Scheduling Committee

Title Name Phone Email
Deputy Director for Research David Dean (757) 269-6481 deandj@jlab.org
Physics Division AD Thia Keppel (757) 269-7580 keppel@jlab.org
Physics Division Deputy AD Patrizia Rossi (757) 269-7740 rossi@jlab.org
Physics Division Operations Officer (chair) Douglas Higinbotham (757) 269-7468 gomez@jlab.org
Halls A & C Leader Mark Jones (757) 269-7580 jones@jlab.org
Hall B Leader Patrick Achenbach (757) 269-6002 patricka@jlab.org
Hall D Leader Eugene Chudakov (757) 269-6959 gen@jlab.org
Accelerator Division Deputy AD Mike Spata (757) 269-7839 spata@jlab.org
Interim Director of Accelerator Operations Randy Michaud (757) 269-7416 rmichaud@jlab.org
Center for Injector Studies Leader Joe Grames (757) 269-7097 grames@jlab.org


The scheduling committee will collects input from others at Jefferson Lab as needed.