Hall C Experiment Homepages

Year Title Experiment Spokesperson

  Qweak E08-016 Carlini, Finn, Kowalski, Page

  Spin Asymmetries on the Nucleon Experiment SANE E07-003 Choi, Jones, Meziani, Rondon-Aramayo
  Spectroscopic investigation of the hypernuclei in the wide mass region using (e,e'K+) E05-115 Hashimoto, Nakamura, Reinhold, Tang

  Measurement of GEp/GMp to Q2=9 GeV2 via Recoil Polarization E04-108 Brash, Jones, Perdrisat, Punjabi
  Polarization Transfer in Wide Angle Compton Scattering E07-002 Wojtsekhowski, Nathan, Gilman

  Measurement of F2 and R=σLT on nuclear targets in the nucleon resonance region and beyond E04-001 Bodek, Keppel
  A Measurement of two-photon exchange in unpolarized elastic electron-proton scattering E05-017 Arrington
  Measurement of R=σLT on Deuterium in the nucleon resonance region and beyond E06-009 Christy, Keppel
  A Measurement of the Two-Photon Exchange Contribution in e-p Elastic Scattering Using Recoil Polarization E04-019 Gilman, Pentchev, Perdrisat, Suleiman

  G0 Parity Backward Measurement E00-006 Beck

  Spectroscopic Study of Lambda Hypernuclei Up To Medium-Heavy Mass Region Through the (e,e'k+) Reaction E01-011 Hashimoto, Reinhold, Tang

  A precise measurement of nuclear dependence of structure functions in light nuclei E03-103 Arrington, Gaskell
  Inclusive scattering from nuclei at x greater than 1 and high Q2 with a beam of 6 Gev E02-019 Arrington, Day, Filippone, Lung
  Measurement of pion Transparency in Nuclei E01-107 Ent, Garrow
  G0 Parity Forward Measurement : Production Run E00-006 Beck
  Duality in Meson Electroproduction E00-108 Ent, Mkrtchyan, Niculescu
  Fpi-2 E01-004 Huber, Mack, Block
  Measurement of Hydrogen and Deuterium Inclusive Resonance Cross Sections at intermediate Q2 for Parton-Hadron Duality Studies E00-116 Keppel
  Baryon Resonance Electroproduction at High momentum tranfer E97-101 Bosted, Frolov, Koubarovski, Stoler
  F2N at low Q2 E00-002 Keppel, Niculescu
  G0 Parity Forward Measurement : Engineering run E00-006 Beck
  Resonance Spin Structure E01-006 Rondon, Jones
  The Charge Form Factor of the Neutron E93-026(B) Day, Warren, Zeir
  The Electric and Magnetic Form Factor of the Neutron E93-038 Madey, Kowalski
  Nuclear Dependence of R=sigmaL/sigmaT E99-118 Bruell, Dunne, Keppel
  Spin Dependence of lambdaN Effective Interaction in P Shell E89-009 Hungerford, Tang
  Electroproduction of Kaons and Light Hypernuclei E91-016(B) Zeidman, Reinhold
  Correlated Spectral Function via A(e,e'p) E97-006 Sick
  Measurement of Resonance R=sigmaL=sigmaT E94-110 Keppel
  Color Transparency E94-139 Milner, Ent
  Two-Body Disintegration of the Deuteron at High E E96-003 Holt
  The Charge Form Factor of the Neutron E93-026(A) Day, Mitchell
  Pion Electroproduction in D, 3He, and 4He E91-003(A) Jackson
  Charged Pion Form Factor E93-021 Mack
  T20 from D(e,e'd) E94-018 Kox, Beise
  delta(1232) Form Factor at High Q2 E94-014 Stoler
  L/T Separation in H(e,e'K+) E93-018 Baker
  Inclusive Scattering from Nuclei at x>1 and large Q2 E89-008 Filippone, Day
  Photodisintegration of Deuterium at 1.5-4 GeV E89-012 Holt
  Energy Dependence of N Propagation in Nuclei E91-013 Geesaman