PrimEx Fall 2004 Run

Conduct of Operations: 292k PS file
Radiation Safety Assessment Document: 29k PS file
Experimental Safety Assessment Document: 40k PS file
Run Documents (contents of the primex/2004run/run_docs folder):
     TAC Runs Oct 10 to Oct 28.xls
     TAC Runs Oct 10 to Oct 28.txt
     Trigger Bit Configuration.xls
Run Plan Documents (contents of the primex/2004run/run_plans folder):
Old run plans, milestones & schedules
Shift training and schedule
Troubleshooting Guide

Web-Based Monitoring:
Daily Run Reports
Online Run Database
Read the Electronic Logbook (Click on More Display Options... on the right and specify dates like Sep. 1, 2004 to Nov. 31, 2004)
Make an Entry in PMXLogbook
Slow Controls, EPICS & End Station Status
Beam Status
Temperature Monitoring PC
Hall B Cameras