PrimEx Contact Page

Emergency Numbers Emergency Responder 911
Gate Security Guard 269-4444
Jefferson Lab Security 269-5822
Medical Services 269-7539
EH&S Reporting Manager 876-1750
Radiation Control 876-1743
Jefferson Lab Locations
(757) 269-XXXX
PrimEx area in the EEL Building x5088
Hall B Counting House x5126, x5244, x5246, x5247
Hall B Floor x5165
Hall B Space Frame x5170, x5171
Hall B Forward Carriage x5371
Hall B Mobile Phone (Level 2 PimEx table) x5173
Computer Center Helpdesk x7155
Facilities Management 269-7400
Industrial Hygene (chemical disposal) x7039 (Patty Hunt)
User/International Liason Office x7687
Jefferson Lab Folks
(757) 269-XXXX
Name Phone Pager
Abrahamyan, Davit    
Ahmidouch, Abdellah x7353 or (336) 334-7646 (NC A&T)  
Baker, Keith x7343  
Benton, LaRay (864) 357-4545 (cell)  
Bruhwel, Krister x7868 584-7868
Carstens, Tom x7292 584-7292
Christo, Steve x7178 584-7178
Clinton, Eric x6356 or (757) 871-7076 (cell) 584-5778
Collins, Patrick x6020  
Dale, Daniel x5307 or (859) 257-2504 (UKY) 584-5766
Danagoulian, Samuel x7353, (336) 254-6002 (cell)
or (336) 334-7646 (NC A&T)
Demirchyan, Raphael x7028 584-5791
Deur, Alexandre x7526 584-7526
Gabrielyan, Marianna x5375  
Gan, Liping x7914, (910) 799-5685 (home)
or (910) 962-3583 (UNC Wilmington)
Gasparian, Ashot x7914 or (336) 707-0805 (cell)
(336) 256-2038 (NC A&T)
Gram, Jill x7600 584-7600
Gyurjyan, Vardan x5879 584-5879
Hemler, Pete x7260  
Insley, Denny x6071 584-6071
Ito, Mark x5295 (office), 596-6051 (home) 584-5295
Jacobs, George x7115 584-7115
Khandaker, Mahbub x7329  
Kashy, David x7275 or (757) 876-3265 (cell) 584-7275
Kingsberry, Paul x5023 584-5775
Kolarkar, Ameya x5307 584-5751
Korsch, Wolfgang x5007  
Kowalski, Stanley x7358  
Lawrence, David x5567 584-5567
McNulty, Dustin x5023 or (757) 238-7007 (home) 584-5780
Mealer, Calvin x7600 584-5488
Minehart, Ralph x5307  
Miskimen, Rory (413) 545-2480 (UM at Amherst)  
Mochalov, Vasily x7028 584-5791
Mtingwa, Sekazi    
Nakagawa,Itaru x5375 or (757) 784-5230 (cell) 584-5776
Nathan, Alan x5852  
Overby, Steven    
Pedroni, Ronald    
Pasyuk, Eugene x6020 584-6020
Payen, Marvin x6331 or (443) 676-8820 (cell)  
Prok, Yelena x7994  
Teymurazyan, Aram x5375  
Salgado, Carlos x5829  
Sitnikov, Anatoli x7028 584-5777
Sober, Daniel x7578  
Tilles, Doug x7566 or (757) 810-9576 (cell) 584-7566
Underwood, Jarreas x6331 584-5790
Wood, Mike x6356 or (757) 249-1913 (home) 584-5779
Useful Numbers for the Run Run Coordinator 584-5547 (pager) or 876-1797 (cell)
Physics Division Liaison 876-1789 (cell)
MCC-OPS x7048
On-Duty Crew Chief x7045 or 630-7050 (cell)
Program Deputy 876-7997 (cell)
Tagger On-Call 584-5558 (pager)
Hall B Engineering On-Call Pager 584-5245
Hall B Work Coordinator Doug Tilles (see above)
Alternate Hall B Work Coordinator George Jacobs (see above)

If you're on-site, you only need to dial the last four digets of a 269-XXXX number. Dial 9 to get an outside line (e.g. 9-1-336-707-0805 for Dr. Gasparian's cell phone). The 911 Emergency Responder number works both with or without dialing 9.