PrimEx Note Archive

1 Proposal Collaboration December 17, 1998 PostScript
2 Conceptual Design Report Collaboration March 3, 2000 PostScript
3 PrimEx Data Acquisition Rates David Lawrence December 11, 2001 HTML, PostScript
4 Using Electron Compton Scattering as a Luminosity Monitor for PrimEx Dan Dale July 22, 1999 PostScript
5 The analysis of primex test run on September 15 Bitao Hu May 20, 2002 PDF
6 PrimEx Trigger Simulation Study David Lawrence March 2002 PDF, PostScript
7 PrimEx Jeopardy Update Proposal for PAC 22 Collaboration May 28, 2002 PostScript
8 Operating the Light Monitoring System Jarreas Underwood in press
9 Draft Luminosity Run Plan--June 2002 Dan Dale June 2002 PostScript
10 Performance of PbWO_4 Crystal Detectors for a High Resolution Hybrid Electromagnetic Calorimeter at Jefferson Lab (Proceedings Contribution to Calor-2002) Ashot Gasparian ? 2002 PostScript
11 LED Based Light Monitoring System for the PrimEx Experiment at Jefferson Lab (Proceedings Contribution to Calor-2002) Samuel Danagulian ? 2002 PostScript
12 Tagger Calibration Documentation, Timing and Energy Calibration Eric Clinton February 2003 PostScript
13 Photon Flux Measurement For PrimEx Using TDC Sampling David Lawrence February 2003 PDF, PostScript, HTML
14 Luminosity Monitoring for PrimEx Dan Dale et al. June 23, 2003 PDF, PostScript
15 HYCAL PbWO4 PbGlass Offset Optimization David Lawrence August 26, 2003 PDF, PostScript
16 PrimEx Test Beam Request for "October 2003" Dan Dale September 26, 2003 PostScript
16A Optimization of GEANT Tracking Cutoff Parameters for PbWO4 and Lead-Glass D. Lawrence September 4, 2003 PDF
17 The PrimEx Bank Definition Markup Language Mark Ito October 6, 2003 (revised October 28, 2003) PostScript, PDF HTML
18 Some Notes on the Support Stand for the TAC and Scintillation Fiber Monitor for the PrimEx two Day Luminosity Test Dan Dale October 8, 2003 PostScript
19 Hall-B Tagger Absolute Energy Calibration Itaru Nagakawa November 26, 2003 PDF
20 Report of the PrimEx Readiness Review H. Areti, et al. December 17, 2003 PDF
21 How to Use PRIMEX_MY Mark Ito January 22, 2004 PostScript, PDF HTML
22 Online Software Test (Phase-I) Report Itaru Nakagawa March 11, 2004 PDF
23 Study of Pair Spectrometer Rate Dependent Gain from Dec. 2004 Luminosity Test (I) Itaru Nakagawa March 16, 2004 PDF
24 PrimEx Note for Estimating Veto Counter Hole Size Eric Clinton April 7, 2004 PostScript
25 HYCAL Data Acquisition Live Time Analysis Dan Pomeroy July 22, 2004 MS Word
26 Muon Lifetime Measurement with New Hybrid Calorimeter Dan Pomeroy August 4, 2004 MS Word
27 Setup and Operation of Trigger Electronics for Primex Kazem Edmond and Pjerin Luli August 20, 2004 PostScript
28 Analysis of PrimEx Targets Philippe Martel and Rory Miskimen October, 2004 PDF
29 Implementing a PrimEx 'Book Keeping' Database for Tracking Run Information Dustin McNulty January 12, 2005 PostScript PDF
30 PrimEx Transporter Vertical Lift Torque Review David H. Kashy October 13, 2004 MS Word PostScript
31 Shipping HyCal David H. Kashy January 20, 2005 MS Word PDF
32 A Compton simulation for PrimEx Alexandre Deur February 11, 2005 PDF
33 Alignment Procedure for the HyCal Detector Yelena Prok March 16, 2005 PostScript
34 Some methods which were used for Hycal offline analysis Ilya Larin March 27, 2005 PostScript
35 Tagger Timing Window Calibration Eric Clinton July, 2005 PDF
36 Energy Calibration of the HyCal Detector Using Double Arm Compton Scattering Yelena Prok February 21, 2006 PostScript
37 Compton effect in kinematic conditions of PrimEx Mykhailo Konchatnyi September 5, 2006 PostScript
38 Form Factors for the Photoproduction of Pseudoscalar Mesons B. Gittelman January 1975 PDF
39 Progress Report on the π0 Lifetime Experiment (PrimEx) at JLab Dustin McNulty November 20, 2006 PDF
40 Opening Remarks: Experimental Tests of Chiral Symmetry Breaking Aron Bernstein November 28, 2006 PDF
41 Inelastic π0 Photo Production in Primex Aron Bernstein January 26, 2007 PostScript, PDF
42 Implementation of radiative corrections in the first order of αem for the Compton scattering process γ+e-→γ+e- A. Tkabladze, M. Konchatnyi, and Y. Prok February 2007 PostScript
43 Beam Quality Study Pawel Ambrozewicz March 9, 2007 PostScript PDF HTML
44 Background contribution from ω photoproduction in the experiment Primex S. Gevorkyan, A. Gasparian, L. Gan, I. Larin June 2007 PostScript
45 Photoproduction of π0 mesons off nuclei S. Gevorkyan, A. Gasparian, L. Gan June 20, 2007 PDF
46 Electromagnetic and Strong from factors for Primex S. Gevorkyan, I. Larin, A. Gasparian, L. Gan July 2, 2007 PDF
47 Single-Arm Compton Analysis M. H. Wood July 19, 2007 PostScript PDF
48 π0 photoproduction off light nuclei S. Gevorkyan, I. Larin, A. Gasparian, L. Gan July 18, 2007 PDF
49 Event Configuration of PrimEx Data Liyang Jiang August, 2007 MS Word
50 Incoherent Photoproduction of π0 Mesons off Nuclei S. Gevorkyan, A. Gasparian, L. Gan, I. Larin August 19, 2007 PDF, gzip'ed PostScript
51 The π0 background from ω and ρ mesons photoproduction in PRIMEX I. Larin, A. Gasparian, L. Gan, S. Gevorgyan September 4, 2007 PDF
52 Incoherent π0 photoproduction in the PrimEx kinematics via the MCMC intranuclear cascade model Tulio E. Rodrigues November 21, 2007 PDF
53 The Light Monitoring System Sam Danagulian November 2007 MS Word
54 An Updated High Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Lifetime via the Primakoff Effect (proposal to PAC 33) The PrimEx Collaboration December 10, 2007 PostScript
55 Report of PAC33 PAC33 (Roy Holt, et al.) March 20, 2008 PDF
56 Omega photoproduction in PrimEx Tulio Rodrigues September 23, 2008 PDF
57 A Precision Measurement of the Eta Radiative Decay Width via the Primkoff Effect PrimEx Collaboration December 15, 2008 PDF
58 Report of PAC34 PAC34 (Michael Pennington, et al.) March 11, 2009 PDF
59 Lifetime Measurement of the π0 Meson and the QCD Chiral Anomaly (from proceedings of Chiral Dynamics '09) A. M. Bernstein July 6, 2009 PDF
60 Search of new physics via η rare decays (from proceedings of Chiral Dynamics '09) Liping Gan, Ashot Gasparian July 6, 2009 PDF
61 Photoproduction of pseudoscalar mesons off nuclei at forward angles S. Gevorkyan, A. Gasparian, L. Gan, I. Larin, and M. Khandaker October 18, 2009 PDF
62 Incoherent photoproduction of pseudoscalar mesons off nuclei at forward angles S. Gevorkyan, A. Gasparian, L. Gan, I. Larin, and M. Khandaker August 10, 2009 PDF
63 Electron-positron production in kinematic conditions of PrimEx Alexandr Korchin ? PDF
64 HyCal Transporter Instrumentation Krister Bruhwel July 2004 PDF
65 Photon Flux Determination for a Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Lifetime Aram Teymurazyan 2008 PDF
66 PRIMEX II Light Monitoring System: The status of LMS, August 21, 2010 Samuel Danagoulian August 21, 2010 MS Word
67 PRIMEX II Logbook, November 22, 2010 Ilya Larin November 2010 PDF
68 PRIMEX II BPM, December 17, 2010 Liping Gan December 2010 PDF
69 Silicon Target used in PRIMEX II, April 6, 2012 C. Harris and R. Miskimen April 2012 PDF
70 HyCal reconstruction updates for PrimEx II, April 14, 2012 I. Larin April 2012 PDF
71 Beam quality check with EPICS data analysis V. Tarasov July 2013 PDF
72 PrimExII TAC run analysis I. Larin August 2013 PDF
73 HyCal Trigger Efficiency V. Tarasov August 2013 PDF
74 Thickness and Density Measurements for the Graphite Target Used in PRIMEX II C. Harris, W. Barnes, and R. Miskimen December 2013 PDF
75 VETO Performance V. Tarasov September 2013 PDF
76 HyCal calibration check V. Tarasov October 2013 PDF
77 Survey data of PrimEx-II
78 HyCal ADC/TDC status check L. Ma January 2012 PDF
79 Coherent omega production for PrimEx-II run condtions I. Larin April 2014 PDF
80 Tagger TDC alignment for PrimEx-II L. Ma February 2012 PDF
81 PrimEx-II relative tagging ratio stability test V. Matveev June 2015 PDF
82 Relative tagging ratio with PS spectrometer V. Tarasov June 2016 PDF
83 HyCal Reconstruction Fine Tuning and Transition Region Performance Measured During Calibration Run D. Romanov, I. Larin, A. Gasparian, L. Gan, M. Khandaker, M. Kubantsev 2009 - 2010 & 2017 PDF
84 HyCal group TDC study V. Tarasov 2016 PDF

PrimEx PhD Theses

NumberTitleAuthor, UniversityDateLinks
2 PHOTON FLUX DETERMINATION FOR A PRECISION MEASUREMENT OF THE NEUTRAL PION LIFETIME (also posted as PrimEx note 65) Aram Teymurazyan, University of Kentucky 2008 PDF
3 A Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Lifetime Based on the Primakoff Effect (in Russian) Ilya Larin, ITEP Moscow February 25, 2014 PDF
4 A Precision Measurement of Neutral Pion Lifetime Yang Zhang, Duke University 2018 PDF
5 Awaiting for the title Li Ye, Mississippi State University 2018 Awaiting for the file

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