Photon Tagger E-Counters

The purpose of this site is to document proper use and maintainance for High Voltage.

HVinit under the CVS directory/src/programs/HighVoltage/HVinit/ proovides a wide of initialization and archiving tools. /group/primex/HV_archives/monitoring will be the archive.

primexHV under the CVS directory/src/programs/HighVoltage/ primexHV gives users the ability to control each of the 2000+ channels we have on HyCal, the Veto Counters, and the LMS.

The program HV_status_mon under the CVS directory /src/programs/HighVoltage/HV_status_mon checks for over/undervoltage conditions, current trip, external disconnects, and many other status bit determined by the CAEN SY1527, over/undervoltage conditions specified by PrimEx collaborators, and provides a diagnostic tool for determining where and when this errors occur. Also, The program continuously checks for a good IP connection. This info will be archived in /group/primex/HV_archives/monitoring.

Whenever an error/status condition is tripped, the terminal beeps alerting the shift-taker and dumps out a brief error message, a file is written to the local Linux box, and an expect script archives the error files to the above directory

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