PrimEx Electronics


27 September, 2004: And here's the updated shift documentation on the MLU trigger programs.

September 13, 2004: Here are the MLU programs: picostrigcolumns.wrk, picostrigrows.wrk, pitrig_glasscolumns.wrk, pitrig_glassrows.wrk, pitrigmaster.wrk, pitrigsinglecos.wrk.

Connections Database Tools: View and edit the various connection layouts between the detectors, the PC Boards and the electronics.

HYCAL Trigger Groups: A color layout of the Fan-in groups.

Itaru Nakagawa's Diagrams of the HYCAL trigger and associated logic. A complete list of the files in the primex/subsystems/electronics/trigger_group directory can be found here.

Old files: Mostly outdated and a few without descriptions.

Below is a list of files in the primex/subsystems/electronics/files folder. Put your file in that directory and refresh this page to have it appear on the list. The files are shown in no particular order, so it may be useful to append "year-month-date" to your filename.

1999-03-31 electronics_proposal.txt
1999-03-31 accidentals.txt