PrimEx HyCal

HYCAL is the HYbrid CALorimeter being built for the PrimEx experiment. This will consist of a high resouliton insertion part made of PbWO4 crystals and a lower-resolution outer part made of lead-glass.

Here you can find some info on the development of this detector as it progresses.

HYCAL trigger timing measurements.(.ps file) (.pdf file)

Raphael's wrapping test results. (39k PS file)

Comparison of Chinese and Russian PbWO4. (link to Bitao Hu's page)

Transparency measurements of the first 100 PbWO4 crystals delivered to JLab. (HTML page)

Oct-Nov 2004 Production Runs Summary (HTML page)

Below is a list of files in the primex/subsystems/hycal/files folder. Put your file in that directory and refresh this page to have it appear on the list. The files are shown in alphabetical order, so it may be useful to append "year-month-date" to your filename.