Temperature Monitoring System

Here are instructions on how to set up the temperature monitoring PC and cables: Hooking_Up_TempMon.TXT

Here is the LabVIEW vi that interfaces with the SCXI (temperature sensors) and the hygrometer (humidity): 2004-06_System_Monitoring.llb (4.2MB).

Here are the instructions for running the WinChill software: Chiller_Remote_Control.TXT. There is occasionally a problem with running the chiller remote-control software after LabVIEW, so be sure to have the WinChill program running before starting LabVIEW.

Here is a link to open a VNC (remote control) window to the Temperature Monitoring PC.

Below is a list of files in the primex/subsystems/tempmon/files folder. Put your file in that directory and refresh this page to have it appear on the list. The files are shown in alphabetical order, so it may be useful to append "year-month-date" to your filename.