Generic EIC-related Detector R&D Program


The Call for Proposals for FY23 funds has gone out.  The deadline is July 14, 5pm EST.

Proposal guidelines and submission information are located at this link

Our mission:

 Jefferson Lab, in association with Brookhaven National Lab and the DOE Office of Nuclear Physics, has restarted a generic detector R&D program to address the scientific requirements for measurements at the future Electron Ion Collider.  This program will support advanced R&D on innovative, cost-effective detector concepts which reduce risk and that either the one detector in the project scope or a second detector could incorporate.  (The term "generic" conveys this duality.)  The EIC User Group-authored Yellow Report includes requirements for both detectors. 

This program is supported through R&D funds provided to Jefferson Lab by the DOE Office of Nuclear Physics, and is open to all segments of the EIC community. Proposals should be aimed at optimizing detection capability to enhance the scientific reach of polarized electron-proton and electron-ion collisions with center-of-mass energies in the range 30-140 GeV and e-p equivalent luminosities up to a few times 1034 cm-2s-1. See More Program Details for the broad range of enhanced detector capabilities of interest.

  JLab's administration of the program draws on BNL's deep experience in running an earlier version of the program from 2011 to 2021 and is expected to be funded at an annual level of $2M, subject to availability of funds from DOE NP.

Old announcements from 2022:

The presentation meeting Indico website for Tue, Nov 15, containing the agenda and public Zoom address, is .

The presentation meeting Indico website for Wed, Nov 16, containing the agenda and public Zoom address, is .

Following a 1st cuts proccess, presentations have been requested for proposals which remain in the running for funding.  On October 12, 2022, proposal contact persons were sent the following email with an attached list relating the status of each proposal. The final presentation meeting to award funds from FY22 will be held by Zoom on Nov 15-16, 2022. 

Older announcement: The deadline for proposals was 5pm EST on July 25, 2022. A total of 27 proposals were received. The proposals, summary spreadsheet, and committee members for 2022 are now available at the "Received Proposals" tab, or here.