About LDRD at Jefferson Lab


An important element of Jefferson Lab's Strategic Plan is the implementation of a Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program. The lab began such a program in FY14 and it has already provided a substantial return on the investments made.

The Laboratory Directed Research and Development at JLab enables the lab to respond to timely scientific and technological opportunities that also support DOE's research and development mission. This program will be a critical tool for directing the lab's forefront scientific research capabilities towards vital, excellent and emerging scientific challenges. The program provides the resources for JLab personnel to make rapid and significant contributions to critical science and technology problems of mission relevance to JLab and the DOE both within JLab's core mission and beyond. LDRD also can advance the lab's core scientific capability and permits seeding and exploration of exciting new opportunities of interest both within the scientific community and beyond in the general public sphere.

Areas eligible for support include:

  • Advanced study of new hypotheses, new concepts and innovative approaches to scientific or technical problems;
  • Experiments directed towards "proof-of-principle" or early determination of the utility of new scientific ideas, technical concepts or devices; and
  • Conception and preliminary technical analysis of experimental facilities or devices

Within these eligible research areas, the LDRD program is conducted with a scale of effort typically utilizing existing research facilities. The projects can be characterized as:

  • Small-scale research and development activities or pilot projects;
  • Bench-scale research projects; or
  • Computer modeling, conceptual design and feasibility studies, or computer algorithm or methodology development.

The projects that are active Fiscal Year 2019 can be accessed with the link at the top of the page.


    Receiving LDRD funding at JLab

    JLab staff can apply for funds under the LDRD program.  A process is in place for submitting proposals, evaluating them, and apportioning the available funds based on the evaluations.  If you are a JLab employee who has a great idea and you are interested in seeking LDRD funding for your great idea, please access the link on the left of the page for information about how to request funds.

    Proposals are welcome on a wide selection of potential topics. However, relevance to these strategic areas is given strong consideration in the evaluation of the LDRD proposals.  The areas for R&D that have been identified as having strategic value to the future of the Laboratory are:

    • R&D issues relevant to the Jefferson Lab Electron Ion Collider,
    • Advancing high performance computing, including machine learning techniques, scientific data management, scientific visualization, and heterogeneous architectures,
    • Development of technologies for i) medical and biological imaging and ii) the application of particle beams,
    • Quantum information science, including quantum computing and quantum sensing devices,
    • Addressing R&D issues relevant for new research directions using existing JLab facilities

    LDRD Calendar

    The generic calendar for the LDRD programmatic activities is show below.  Specific dates are determined on a year-by-year basis.  Additional activities are added if needed.


    LDRD Jamboree:  Funding awards for the new fiscal year are publicly announced and work from previous fiscal year is presented in a public poster session.

    Work on funded projects starts.


    Call for proposals for funding in upcoming fiscal year


    Proposals are due

    May- August

    Evaluation of proposals and decisions on funding awards.


    Proposers are informed of funding awards