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  •  Christine Snetter, Facilities Project Manger

    From Liberia to America to Achieve Her Dream of Becoming an Architect: As a child, Christine Snetter recalls looking up from playing with her blocks to see her mother standing with contractors, holding building materials in her hands. Her family was building their own home in Liberia, West Africa.

  • Mark Stapleton, Cryogenic Systems

    Inventing Tools to Make Research Possible

  • Pashupati Dhakal holding part of a cryomodule

    Finding his home in Physics

    For seven years, Pashupati Dhakal has walked the same halls at Jefferson Lab, yet he can’t help but smile with pride as he opens doors revealing the exciting cutting-edge technology, describing the science happening in and around it.

    “We have made a lot of progress,” Dhakal said. “Now we’re trying to make it even better. Nothing is perfect, but we’re trying to get closer to the perfectness.”

  • Diversity & Inclusion Council Co-Chairs

    Rhonda Barbosa, Human Resources Director
    Phone: 757-269-7628,

    Rolf Ent, Associate Director for Experimental Nuclear Physics
    Phone: 757-269-7373,

    Mary Logue, Associate Director for ES&H Division
    Phone: 757-269-7447,


  • Working at Jefferson Lab

    We are a world-leading nuclear physics research facility where great ideas and great people can thrive. At Jefferson Lab, you can work with exceptional people, grow your skills and advance your career.  Our team consists of more than 700 people, ranging from nuclear physicists, engineers and computer programmers to graphic artists, procurement specialists and accountants.

  • Joanna Griffin, Electronic Media

    A family history in art

    Joanna Griffin, a Graphic Designer for Jefferson Lab, smiles when recalling sweet memories of her first exposure to art: painting alongside her mother. 

    The daughter of a Swedish artist and a Ukrainian civil engineer for the United States government, Griffin spent most of her childhood traveling. Her father, who speaks seven languages, took full advantage of international work opportunities.

  • Scott Conley, Environmental Management Team

    Nature: All in a day’s work

    Scott Conley, an environmental engineer for Jefferson Lab, grew up the son of an outdoorsman, and the grandson of a half-Cherokee grandmother. Stories of nature - listening to nature, and readings its signs - filled his childhood. “I can see the bottom of the leaves on the trees,” Conley said, re-enacting the first time he heard this lesson from his father. “That means the pressure is changing and it’s probably going to storm.”

  • Phiala Shanahan, Theory Division

    A Problem-Solver Breaking through Barriers

    Phiala Shanahan loves having problems to solve—and a team to collaborate with on her quest to prove her theories. Though she is one of the newest senior scientists at Jefferson Lab, Shanahan already has identified and developed a plan for how she might help solve one of the biggest problems facing nuclear physicists: the true structure of strong forces within the nucleus. Now it’s up to her team of collaborators to prove her theory.

  • Jessie Butler, Experimental Hall A

    Work Coordinator Makes Science Possible

    Jessie Butler likes to analyze technologies and figure out how to make complex systems work together. As the work coordinator for Jefferson Lab’s Experimental Hall A, Butler leads a team of four electro-mechanical technicians who are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of experimental equipment and electronics in the hall, ensuring that they will work properly and deliver on the scientific mission of the lab.

  • James Maxwell, Target Group

    The Physicist to Hollywood

    Juggling Physics research and Hollywood consulting was bound to have its terrifying moments. James Maxwell, on-call physics advisor for the 2016 “Ghostbusters” film, was buried in research on high field polarization of Helium-3 when his cell phone rang. He stepped outside of a lab at Brookhaven National Laboratory to answer a call from Ghostbuster’s actress Melissa McCarthy. But “the call dropped!” Maxwell recalls, wide-eyed, as if reliving the shock and horror of a moment which later earned him a joking punch in the arm from McCarthy.