Jefferson Lab Technologies

Detector technology developed for Jefferson Lab’s Nuclear Physics program has applications in medical and plant imaging.

Jefferson Lab’s expertise and innovation in cryogenics helps national labs and other research facilities advance science and save money.

Jefferson Lab has unique expertise and experience with innovative accelerator technologies not only benefit scientific discovery but offers applications in energy and isotope production.

Jefferson Lab has pioneered a new process for production of boron-based nanomaterials with numerous applications such as biomedical, ceramic composites, piezoelectrics, and radiation shielding.

Leveraging Basic Science for Societal Benefit

Jefferson Lab scientists and engineers have generated more than 400 invention Disclosures and over 150 patents with technologies licensed to more than 20 companies for development The majority of Jefferson Lab’s patents fall into four primary categories – Nuclear Imaging, Cryogenics, Accelerator Technologies, and Nanomaterials..