Theory seminar - Martha Constantinou

  • Theory seminar - Martha Constantinou
    2022-02-07EST13:00:00 ~ 2022-02-07EST14:00:00
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Speaker: Martha Constantinou (Temple University)

Title: Pion and kaon structure from Mellin moments of PDFs and GPDs

Abstract: Pions and kaons play an important role in understanding QCD dynamics, and the interplay between the emergent hadronic mass and the Higgs mechanisms. Due to the presence of a valence strange quark in the kaon, a comparison between pion and kaon observables provides a unique window into SU(3) flavor breaking effects. Given the relatively small number of experimental data, it is crucial to obtain results for the pion and kaon structure from first principles. In this talk, we present a direct lattice QCD calculation of the first three non-trivial Mellin moments of PDFs for the pion and kaon and results for the scalar, vector and tensor form factors. One important aspect of our analysis is the reconstruction of the x-dependence of the pion and kaon PDFs using the Mellin moments calculated in this work, and we draw qualitative conclusions on the large-x behavior. A highlight of the calculation on the form factors is the extraction of the lowest moment of the densities of transversely polarized quarks in the impact parameter space.

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Patrick Barry
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