JAM Resources

JAM has a number of parton distribution function and fragmentation function sets publicly available in LHAPDF format, which can be accessed by downloading the tarball files here.  Please refer to the LHAPDF website for instructions on how to use its interface.

The following PDF/FF sets are available with the corresponding LHAPDF ID numbers:

Pion PDFs

ID Number Pion PDF set name
1000 JAM21PionPDFnlo
2000 JAM21PionPDFnlo_pT
3000 JAM21PionPDFnlonll_cosine
4000 JAM21PionPDFnlonll_expansion
5000 JAM21PionPDFnlonll_double_Mellin


Unpolarized proton PDFs

ID Number Proton PDF set name
950000 JAM19PDF_proton_nlo
951500 JAM20-SIDIS_PDF_proton_nlo


Pion and kaon FFs

ID Number FF set name
2050000 JAM19FF_pion_nlo
2051000 JAM19FF_kaon_nlo
2052000 JAM20-SIDIS_FF_pion_nlo
2052250 JAM20-SIDIS_FF_kaon_nlo
2052500 JAM20-SIDIS_FF_hadron_nlo


Tables of PDFs and FFs on Github

JAM also has a number of PDF and FF sets available on Github.

  • JAM15 (helicity proton PDFs)
  • JAM16 (pion and kaon FFs)
  • JAM17 (helicity proton PDFs)
  • JAM20SIDIS (unpolarized proton PDFs and pion, kaon, and unidentified hadron FFs)
  • JAM21 (unpolarized proton PDFs)
  • JAM22 (unpolarized and polarized proton PDFs; pion, kaon, and hadron FFs; proton, neutron, helium, and tritium structure functions)


Publicly available notebooks

JAM provides dedicated notebooks for select analyses.


JAM Database

A representative set of experimental data that are used in JAM extractions can be found here: JAM Database