Theory Seminars 2021

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Monday, January 11th, 1:00 p.m
Patrick Komiske (MIT) 
Simultaneously Unfolding All Observables with Deep Learning [slides]

Monday, January 25th, 1:00 p.m
Felix Ringer (LBNL) 
Simulating real-time dynamics of hard probes in nuclear matter on a quantum computer [slides]

Monday, February 1st, 1:00 PM
David Wilson (University of Cambridge)
The quark-mass dependence of elastic πK scattering from QCD [slides][video]

Monday, February 22nd, 1:00 PM
Ian Moult (SLAC)
Jet Substructure, Lightray Operators and Spinning Gluons [slides][video]

Monday, March 1st, 1:00 PM
Diego Lonardoni (Michigan State U.)
Many-body factorization and position–momentum equivalence of nuclear short-range correlations [slides]

Monday, March 8th, 9:00 AM
Enrique Rico (University of the Basque Country)
Quantum Simulation of Light-Front Parton Correlators [slides][video]

Monday, March 15th, 1:00 PM
Maxwell Hansen (University of Edinburgh)
Three-pion scattering from lattice QCD [slides][video]

Monday, March 22nd, 9:00 AM
Chiara Bissolotti (Pavia U.)
Unpolarized Transverse Momentum Distributions and EIC predictions [slides][video]

Monday, April 5th, 1:00 PM
Raquel Molina (University of Valencia)
The observed dibaryon d*(2380) peak in n p -> pi- pi+ d [slides][video]


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