Franz Gross


Franz Gross
Theory Center Senior Staff, Jefferson Lab
Emeritus Professor of Physics, The College of William & Mary

Born Minneapolis, Minnesota; B.A. Swarthmore College, 1958; Ph.D. Princeton University, 1963; Inst.-RA. Cornell University 1963; Asst. Prof., 1966; Asso. Prof., 1969; Assoc. Prof. College of William and Mary, 1970; Prof. 1976-2002; Emeritus Prof., 2002-present; Act. Assoc. Dir. for Research, CEBAF, 1984; Interim Theory Center Leader, 2000-2002; Senior Staff Theorist (half time), 1986-present; Visiting Assoc. Prof. UC Santa Barbara, 1969; Visiting Prof. Carnegie-Mellon University, 1981; Visiting Prof. Universitat Hannover, 1983; Visiting Scientist, INFN, Sezione Sanita, Rome, 1989, University of Utrecht, 1990; and INT, University of Washington, 1991; author of 124 papers and conference talks on the electromagnetic structure of hadrons, the relativistic few body problem, and related matters, a book on advanced quantum mechanics and field theory, and coeditor of 8 conference proceedings; honors include Sporn Teaching Award, Fullbright Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Fellowship of the American Physical Society.

Research Highlights

  • Relativistic theory of nuclear forces and two and three nucleon systems
  • Elastic and inelastic election scattering
  • Quark models of mesons with covariant confinement
  • Development of covariant bound state equations from field theory
  • Non-perturbative solutions of field theories