Wally Melnitchouk


Wally Melnitchouk
Theory Center Senior Staff, Jefferson Lab

Born Lviv, Ukraine; B.Sc. (Hons), University of Adelaide, Australia, 1988; Ph.D., University of Adelaide, 1993. Research Associate, University of Regensburg and Technical University of Munich, 1993-1995; University of Maryland, 1995-1997; Research Scientist, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany, 1997-1999; Research Fellow, University of Adelaide/Jefferson Lab, 1999-2001; Postdoctoral Fellow, Jefferson Lab, 2001-2002; Physics Division Research Fellow, Jefferson Lab, 2002-2003; Senior Staff Scientist, Jefferson Lab, 2004-present. Author of over 170 publications on the quark structure of hadrons and nuclei. Honors include Australian Institute of Physics Bragg Gold Medal for Excellence in Physics, 1994; Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2006; Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Adelaide, 2016.

Research Highlights

  • Spin and flavor structure of the nucleon through global QCD analysis of unpolarized and polarized parton distributions
  • Role of chiral symmetry in hadron structure
  • Quark-hadron duality
  • Nuclear medium modification of hadron properties
  • Interface of lattice QCD with hadron phenomenology

Further details can be found in the CV.