Wally Van Orden

J. Wallace Van Orden
Theory Center Senior Staff, Jefferson Lab
Professor of Physics, Old Dominion University

Born Logan, Utah; B.S., Utah State University, 1973; Ph.D. Stanford University, 1978; Postdoc. University of Maryland, 1978; Asst. Prof., University of Maryland, 1981; Visiting Scientist, CEBAF, 1987; Staff Scientist, CEBAF, 1988;  Assoc. Prof., Old Dominion University, 1990-1998, Prof. Old Dominion University, 1998-present; author of 49 papers on electron and hadron induced nuclear reactions and related topics.

Research Highlights:

  • relativistic models for elastic and quasielastic scattering from light nuclei
  • covariant model for nucleon-nucleon scattering and its application to elastic and quasielastic ed scattering
  • relativistic constituent quark model of heavy mesons
  • relativistic three-body systems