The Jefferson Lab Experiment EH&S Review Committee (E2RC)

E2RC Membership
D. Skopik Chairman
V. Vylet Radiation
S. Chandra Engineering
C. Cuevas Electronics
C. Hightower Electrical
D. Kashy Engineering
B. Manzlak Safety

Note: The committee will be augmented by "ad hoc" subcommittees as required to deal with EH&S issues outside its direct expertise

The committee shall review all experimental equipment to be installed in the experimental areas for possible EH&S hazards. This review shall include not only the major items of the initial experimental equipment designed by Jefferson Lab, but also those subsystems built by the users. It shall review not only the possible hazards presented by the normal operation of the equipment, but also the proposed installation procedures, potential failure modes, and the adequacy of the documentation provided with the equipment. The committee shall also review any additional equipment to be installed for a special measurement, and apparatus to be set up in other Physics Division spaces such as the EEL for pre-installation testing or research and development activities.