Typical Outline for a Preliminary Experiment Safety Assessment or an Experiment Safety Assessment Document

This document describes identified hazards of an experiment and the measures taken to eliminate, control or mitigate them. Particular attention must be paid to the analysis and evaluation of conditions that may pose special safety problems. It includes the Safety Analysis and reviews or defines the Safety Envelope for the equipment; it references the Radiation Safety Assessment Document (RSAD) which documents the experiment operations envelope and addresses EH&S issues associated with direct and induced radioactivity.

(See the DOE Accelerator Safety Order and the Jefferson Lab EH&S Manual for guidance in the preparation of an Experiment Safety Assessment Document)

I. Introduction:

II. Summary and Conclusions

III. Description of Experiment and Facilities

  1. Introduction
  2. Safety Analysis
  3. Flammable Gas System
  4. Electrical Systems
  5. Fire Hazards
  6. ODH (Oxygen Deficiency Hazard)
  7. Radiation Hazards
  8. Potential Radiation Damage/Mitigation
  9. Mechanical Hazards
  10. Laser Hazards
  11. Conventional Hazards
  12. Hazardous and Toxic Materials
  13. Experiment Readiness Clearance
  14. Beamline
  15. Experiment
IV. Quality Assurance

V. Environmental Monitoring Program

VI. Decommissioning and Decontamination Plan

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