Readiness Review Guidelines (Rev 1)

Following the adoption of the PAC recommendations by the director, the Physics Division TAC meets and identifies experiments that will require major installation effort (experiments whose installation is anticipated to involve more than one month of floor time and/or cost JLab more than $250k). Any experiment so identified must have completed a formal readiness review prior to March or September 1 to be considered for running in the 15-month period being scheduled at that time. Jefferson Lab would prefer to schedule major installation experiments a year in advance, and will generally try to schedule the beginning of their installation phase coincident with the summer or winter shutdown. Spokespersons for these experiments must request their initial readiness review with this lead time in mind.

For any experiment identified as a ìmajor installationî experiment, a second readiness review will be held prior to the experiment being listed as ìfirmî on the accelerator schedule. In addition, as part of the scheduling process for experiments that do not qualify as ìmajor installationî experiments, the Scheduling Committee may request a readiness review prior to firm scheduling for any experiment with complex technical requirements or unusual installation requirements.

The readiness reviews will be scheduled by the Hall Leader for the hall where the experiment will be mounted. The makeup of the review committee and the date of the review will be set by the Hall Leader in consultation with the Associate Director for Physics and the Director for Accelerator Operations. The committee will include, as appropriate: the Associate Director for Physics, Physics EH&S, the Accelerator technical support group, and the experimentís Liaison Physicist, Accelerator Liaison, and Accelerator Operations Liaison. The committee may be augmented by other experts as necessary to provide a complete, balanced review for the experiment under consideration.

A meeting between the experiment spokesperson(s) and the experimentís Liaison Physicist, the Accelerator Liaison, and the Accelerator Operations Liaison must take place prior to the readiness review. Any open issues identified by that meeting will be included explicitly in the agenda of the readiness review.

The main purpose of the readiness reviews is to ensure the success of the experiments. To that end, the review must answer the following questions:

Other items will be added to the charge to the review committee as deemed appropriate by the Hall Leader, the Associate Director for Physics, and/or the Head of Accelerator Operations, and as identified by the meeting between the spokesperson(s) and the experiment's Liaison Physicist, the Accelerator Liaison, and the Accelerator Operations Liaison.

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