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Users Town Meeting
Friday, March 16, 2012
CEBAF Center Auditorium


Time Talk Title Speaker

9:00 Welcome Sebastian Kuhn
9:10 Introduction and Charge Robert McKeown
9:25 Physics Town Meeting Summary Rolf Ent
9:40 Quark spin distributions in the proton at large Bjorken-x Wally Melnitchouk
10:05 Search for New Physics via eta Rare Decays Liping Gan
10:30 Break  
11:00 Search for Hidden Gauge Scalor Bosons in X->gg channel with tagged photon beam in Hall B Ashot Gasparian
11:25 Transverse polarized solid target for CLAS12 Don Crabb
11:50 Lunch  
1:00 Polarized positrons for nuclear physics at Jefferson Lab Eric Voutier
1:25 A tracking trigger for CLAS12 Mac Mestayer
1:50 Novel QCD Physics Opportunities at JLab Stanley Brodsky
2:15 Break  
2:40 An Electron-Electron Collider for JLab Charles Hyde
3:05 The Electron-Ion Collider Pawel Nadel-Turonski
3:30 Exciting Opportunities with a fixed target program at JLab 25-75 GeV Kawtar Hafidi
3:55 Studies of the structure of the nucleon with identified hadrons Patrizia Rossi
4:20 Hypernuclear Physics using CEBAF beam – Past and Future Liguang Tang