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    2015 JLab Users Group Ballot
    Thank you for voting. The election results will be announced at the business portion of the User's Group Annual Meeting and Workshop.

    Your Name

    The nominees for the new members of the Users Group Board of Directors are:

    Chair Line candidates (Select up to 1 response)
    Kyungseon Joo , U Conn (bio)
    Krishna Kumar , Stony Brook (bio)
    Ioana Niculescu , JMU (bio)
    Larry Weinstein , ODU (bio)

    Director-at-large candidates (Select up to 1 response)
    Volker Crede , FSU (bio)
    Nadia Fomin , U Tenn (bio)
    Liping Gan , UNCW (bio)
    Nikos Sparveris , Temple (bio)

    Theory candidates (Select up to 1 response)
    Chueng-Ryong Ji , NCSU (bio)
    Misak Sargsian , FIU (bio)