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    2020 Jefferson Lab Users Organization Ballot
    Thank you for voting. The election results will be announced at the business portion of the Jefferson Lab Users Organization Meeting.

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    The nominees for the new members of the Users Group Board of Directors are:

    Vice-Chair candidates (Select up to 1 response)
    Nadia Fomin, U of Tenessee (bio)
    Carlos Munoz Camacho , IJCLab, CNRS/IN2P3 (bio)

    Member-at-large candidates (Select up to 1 response)
    Raffaella De Vita, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (bio)
    Richard Jones, U of Connecticut (bio)
    Andrew Puckett, U of Connecticut (bio)
    Paul Reimer, Argonne National Laboratory (bio)
    Daria Sokhan, U of Glasgow (bio)
    Justin Stevens, William & Mary (bio)

    Postdoc Representative candidates (Select up to 1 response)
    Florian Hauenstein, Old Dominion U (bio)
    Mariana Khachatryan, Florida International U (bio)