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Users Group: Board of Directors Minutes

Minutes of the meeting on Tuesday, June 11, 2002

BOD Members Present:
Haiyan Gao (Outgoing Member)
Douglas Higinbotham
Sebastian Kuhn
David Lawrence (New Member)
Dave Mack (Outgoing Member)
Pete Markowitz (New Member)
Curtis Meyer
Alan Nathan (Chair)
Paul Stoler (Chair Elect)
Maurizio Ungaro (New Member)
Sabine Jeschonnek ( New Member)
Clara Perdue

Jefferson Lab Representatives Present:
Christoph Leemann
Larry Cardman
Swapan Chattopadhyay
Dennis Skopik
Rolf Ent
Kees de Jager
Andrew Hutton
Bernhard Mecking

1. Introduction of New Members

The Jefferson Lab Users Group Board of Directors meeting began by introducing the new members (David Lawrence, Pete Markowitz, Mark Pitt, Sabine Jeschonnek, Maurizio Ungaro, Paul Stoler)

2. Reports from JLab Management

3. Video Conferencing

Sandy Philpott was kind enough to update the Board on a new issue, video conferencing. The Lab has two Polycom setups but there is only limited support (via service requests) and a lack of staff for video conferencing. There is a VRVS system which is IP-based and can deliver to the desktop. It runs the player on Linux and Windows. It is also possible to stream video with a Real Media server. This is one-direction and uses a web interface with RealPlayer. Hall B used this at their last meeting with some success although Doug Higinbotham reported that the details were lost (i.e., it was not possible to actually read the slides due to the pixel resolution).

4. Area Reports

5. Other Business

Curtis Meyer reported that the wireless network is still problematic (there was a hardware problem with an access point during the user meeting) and the Residence Facility should consider adding it.

Paul Stoler spoke about the need to communicate our science in pieces meant for popular audiences, as well as to give more invited talks at the bigger conferences.

Alan Nathan discussed the science visa being pursued by various universities and laboratories including Fermilab. Clara Perdue reported she had just spent two days at the INS discussing this issue.

The next meeting will be Friday, October 25, 2002.