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Users Group: Board of Directors Minutes

Minutes of the meeting on October 25, 2002

BOD Members Present:
Douglas Higinbotham
Sebastian Kuhn
David Lawrence
Pete Markowitz
Curtis Meyer
Alan Nathan (Chair)
Paul Stoler (Chair Elect)
Maurizio Ungaro
Sabine Jeschonnek
Mark Pitt
Clara Perdue

Jefferson Lab Representatives Present:
Christoph Leemann
Larry Cardman
Swapan Chattopadhyay
Dennis Skopik
Rolf Ent
Javier Gomes (For Kees de Jager)
Bernhard Mecking
Andrew Hutton

User Business - Alan Nathan

Workshop - Paul Stoler

There will be a workshop celebrating JLab physics. There will be 3 invited talks on each physics topic, which will review what we have done, what it means, and what is the next step. The organizing committee, and identified topics are as follows:

Paul Stoler will serve as chair of the organizing committee. Please think about any subject which we cannot consider in the above overall topics and let Paul know.

Director's report - Christoph Leemann

Budget - JLab is on a continuing resolution month-by-month at the same rate as last year.

Institutional Plan Review - The IP Review with Ray Orbach and Peter Rosen went very well and both have a good appreciation of the physics we are pursuing. There was a concern that the lattice program is a bit fragmented between RHIC, JLab and Fermilab. A follow-up visit with Orbach dealt with the clarity of our vision and focus, and safety issues.

Laboratory reorganization - Allison Lung will serve as Assistant to the Director, Claus Rode is the Project Director, Roy Whitney is Chief Information Officer, Mark Waite is the Chief Financial Officer. Charlie Duke is a consultant to the Director.

Chief Scientist Search - Negotiations are underway with Wolfram Weise.

Accelerator - Swapan Chattophadhyay

Arne Freyberger is the new beam diagnostic expert. Matt Polker replaces Charlie Sinclair as polarized source expert, and a search is on for the Deputy to Accelerator Division Associate Director.

A new high gain module (NL11) now being tested should allow a maximum beam energy for experiments at ~6.3 GeV.

Graduate Students - Bob Welsh

Last year (FY02) saw 27 PhD's and 12 MS degrees awarded, which is a record.

Publication Database - Dennis Skopik, Shannan Kyte

A new web based publication database is being instituted which will allow users to easily enter records of their publications and talks, and connect with the Spires database.

12 GeV Upgrade - Larry Cardman

Procedure for producing pre-CDR:

  1. Generate science section.
  2. PAC review.
  3. Map science to instrumentation.

There will be public presentations on Fri./Sat. Jan. 17/18. Several days of closed PAC sessions will follow. The public sessions will include invited presentations by representatives of working groups on a variety of physics issues, including:

  1. Confinement.
  2. Hadron Structure.
    1. Parton distributions and valence quark structure.
    2. Parton distributions via semi-exclusive reactions.
    3. GPDs via deeply-exclusive reactions.
    4. GPDs via form factor and polarizability reactions.
  3. Nuclear (Multihadron) Physics.
    1. Parton-hadron transition in nuclear physics.
    2. Hadrons in the nuclear medium.
    3. The origin of the N-N force.
    4. Short range correlations via DIS.
  4. Additional Topics.
    1. New standard model tests.
    2. S-S_bar meson spectroscopy.
    3. Spontaneous symmetry breaking via Primakoff exp.

Users are urged to suggest to Larry names to augment those already working group participants. There will be a BOD conference call, Thursday, Oct. 31, 2002, 2 PM to discuss possible names to recommend.

Accelerator Operations - Andrew Hutton

Considerable accelerator modifications have taken place for G0, especially with polarization. There was a very spirited conversation on the importance of a successful G0 run for management impressions for 12 GeV upgrade.

Accelerator up time is now at about 87%. About 10% out of 13% down time is due to beam tuning.

Experiment running issues - Doug Higinbotham

Presently, a large number of approved experiments require new equipment. There are problems finding funding for all of these projects (see Bernhard's report).

There was a discussion of the sequence of running experiments in Hall A using the new septum magnet. Delivery delays may require beam rescheduling, and experiments for which it was built not being the first to use it.

Video Streaming - Sabine Jeschonnek

Video conferenceing is still a bit arcane, requiring 2-4 weeks lead time and a monitor sitting there at all times to deal with quirks.

Space Issues - Pete Markowitz

Per Roy Whitney, plans call for the construction of a 59,000 SF addition to CEBAF Center that includes elimination of 22,000 SF of space in Trailer City. With this addition, users will see a new increase in space for user offices.

Computing Issues - Curtis Meyer

Ian Bird has accepted a position at CERN. A search committee is seeking his replacement.

The computer center now has 4,000 tapes @ 20 GB each. The plan is to compress them to 500 HD tapes. There are 10 new RAID file servers @ 2 TB.

GRID computing. There are plans to test GRID computing. Outside help is sought. Contact Sandy Philpot.

Communicating Science - Paul Stoler

An outline was presented as a framework for identifying which JLab science we would like to publicize beyond our immediate community. This may happen in parallel with the June users workshop.

Quality of Life - Mark Pitt

Residence facility survey - A survey of guests at the Residence Facility was conducted and there were about 60 responses. Some issues for improvement are express checkout, reduced rates for longer stays, computers in room (wireless connections).

Hall Reports

Hall B - Bernhard Mecking. There are more new projects than funds to implement them.

Hall C - Rolf Ent. G0 will be in the beginning of next year. This will be followed by four "small" experiments running into the beginning of the summer.