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Users Group: Board of Directors Minutes

Minutes of the meeting on Friday, March 29, 2002

BOD Members Present:
Alan Nathan (Chair)
Charlie Glashausser (Past Chair)
Haiyan Gao
Douglas Higinbotham
Mark Jones
Dave Mack
Curtis Meyer
Clara Perdue
Alicia Uzzle

Jefferson Lab Representatives Present:
Christoph Leemann
Larry Cardman
Swapan Chattopadhyay
Allison Lung
Kees DeJager
Andrew Hutton
Bernhard Mecking
Dennis Skopik

1. Executive Session

The Jefferson Lab Users Group Board of Directors meeting began with an executive session. Discussion of search for chief scientist and composition of Director's council.

2. Reports from JLab Management

3. Area Reports

4. Planning for Annual June Meeting

J. P. Chen, V. Burkert, T. Keppel and E. Smith representing Halls A, B, C, and D and Hall leaders took part in the discussion. The focus of Users Group meeting is Conceptual Design Report for the 12 GeV upgrade. The outline of the meeting was agreed upon. It is:

5. Hall Issues

Hall A : Finished 16O, RSC and Kaon electro-production experiments. This summer plan to run Super-Rosenbluth and D(e,e'p) . Septum magnets still on schedule for arrival in July/August.

Hall B : Finished e6 experiment. Reached PAC approved goals, but accelerator had problems delivering high polarization with large beam intensity fluctuations, because of 60Hz beam movement. As mentioned in Andrew Hutton's talk , accelerator is working on this problem. During down, work is being done on the drift chambers. By the end of the year the original program in Hall B should be completed.

Hall C : Finished Gen with polarized target and resonance spin structure experiment which also used the polarized target. The polarized target has been removed and work on G0 installation is in full swing. G0 detectors and electronics have been installed and the G0 magnet has been shipped and is in the hall. The G0 target has passed test of the target motor and is ready for installation. Overall installation will continue until Oct. 1 with a break of 10 days in late August for running G0 beam into Hall C as a test.

6. Congressional Contacts

Deborah Dowd made a presentation about lobbying Congress. She stressed the importance of timing visits to the Congressional Budget cycle. User involvement as advocates can come through links to Congress members in the user's district or state and getting their university's Congressional lobbyist help in promoting the need for nuclear physics funding. Deborah had many practical tips for interacting with Congressional staff. Users who are interested in learning more and being advocates should contact Deborah Dowd (

7. Other Business

The BOD approved changing The Users Group Savings Account which is with the Bank of America (the account number is 0041 160 98407) to a checking account with the same bank.
Alan Nathan reported on the Administrative Peer Review. He found that administrative staff was lean and very professional.
Haiyan Gao reported on the SURA Fellowship Selection Committee. There were 18 applications with half being theory. Eight fellowships were awarded. Two awards for faculty sabbaticals were made.
Alan Nathan reported on progress in getting candidates for the upcoming BOD elections. The decision was made to add a new member to the Users Group Board of Directors who would represent theory users.
Alan Nathan reported that five thesis had been submitted for the SURA Thesis Prize. Reading assignments were made.