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JLab encourages its user community to hold small workshops relevant to the experimental program. Limited funding is available to help defray the costs of such workshops; it is awarded on a competitive basis to add to commitments prospective organizers receive from other sources. Grants will be of a fixed amount; Jlab will not assume responsibility for cost overruns.


  1. Proposals may be quite informal, but should normally consist of a few pages defining the purpose and scope of the workshop, its proposed size, location, dates, a list of tentative participants, and a one page appendix defining the proposed budget. Funding requests must be submitted at least six months before the proposed workshop date.
  2. The workshop must have a member of the JLab scientific staff on the organizing committee.
  3. All workshops must be advertised sufficiently in advance (normally at least two months) so that interested participants have adequate time to apply and arrange travel etc.
  4. Workshop organizers are responsible for collecting copies of transparencies and other key documents shown at the workshop in order that the results may be archived. JLab will take responsibility for archiving them as part of its university-JLab workshop series. If the organizers wish to pursue publication of the results of the workshop in another format (e.g., as printed conference proceedings), they must take that responsibility. (Note: such publication will require obtaining a standard JLab publication authorization.)
  5. All correspondence regarding these workshops should be addressed to:
    John Domingo
    Jefferson Lab
    12000 Jefferson Avenue
    Newport News, VA 23606
    or via e-mail to:

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