Accelerator Seminar: Roger Ruber & Uttar Pudasaini - Highlights from the TTC 2022 Workshop in Aomori

Highlights from the TTC 2022 Workshop in Aomori


The TESLA Technology Collaboration (TTC) was established 3 decades ago to develop a linear electron-positron collider. Since then, it has played a major role in developing superconducting radio-frequency technologies for many particle accelerator projects. TESLA style cryomodules are used for the LCLS-II project and the future ILC, among others. Nowadays the collaboration also supports work on proton and ion accelerators, and development of new SRF technology. The workshop has 4 working groups: on high Q and high gradient activities, on low-beta accelerators, on Nb3Sn cavities, and operability of existing accelerators. It organizes annual workshops to discuss progress and developments in superconducting RF technology. We present highlights from the latest workshop organized in Morioka, Japan.