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NOTE: Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, all outside visitors to include all tours, are postponed until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Would you like to learn about Jefferson Lab during the pandemic? Please visit Jefferson Lab's YouTube Channel.

You can also view the Jefferson Lab Virtual Field Trip by clicking here. Additionally, you can visit the Virtual Field Trip website by clicking here.

Welcome to the Jefferson Lab tours page

Tours of many of our research facilities are available for groups of five or more from colleges, universities and professional groups in the STEM disciplines who represent research partner institutions and who request a tour at least two weeks in advance of their preferred date.

Tours are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are dependent on facility and staff schedules. Tours can typically be scheduled on weekdays between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and generally require two hours to complete. All guests are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes before the tour begins to allow time for ID verification.

We currently do not offer tours to public groups not associated with the lab; these groups are encouraged to visit the lab during the biennial open house event (next event tentatively offered in 2022). We are also unable to accommodate groups of more than 15 people without provided group transportation (vans or buses). Tours cannot be accommodated to anyone under the age of 18 years old.

When scheduling a tour, consider the mobility needs of your group. Many facilities available for tours do not have elevators. Individuals touring these facilities must be able to walk down and back up several flights of stairs, be able to navigate group transportation easily and walk/stand comfortably for the entire length of the tour. Please view these additional tour safety awareness concerns prior to requesting a tour.

For additional information, or to schedule a tour, email tours@jlab.org

Important Notice for Non-U.S. Citizens

As a U.S. Department of Energy national lab, Jefferson Lab is a federally funded research and development center. All non-U.S. citizens (including those with U.S. Legal Permanent Resident status), who wish to visit the lab for any reason are required to register at least seven days in advance, bring documents to verify identity and immigration status, attach a resume or curriculum vitae to the visit request, and be prepared to present proof of institutional affiliation. If members of your group include non-U.S. citizens, please schedule your tour early to allow additional time for this online registration process.

In addition, DOE also requires additional screening for any non-U.S. citizen guest born in, is a citizen of, is employed by, or represents a government, institution or other organization based in a country identified as a State Sponsor of Terrorism by the U.S. Department of State. Guests from these countries may not be on site or tour Jefferson Lab without first going through this formal approval process, which also requires appropriate justification. This process may take up to one year or longer for a determination.

All international guests to Jefferson Lab must carry their original passports and immigration documents with them. Electronic (cell phone or tablet) and paper pictures of original documents will not be accepted.

Guidance for Elected Officials

As a DOE national laboratory, visits to Jefferson Lab are subject to the provisions of the Hatch Act. Elected officials and other guests are discouraged from displaying campaign paraphernalia and/or conducting campaign activities while on-site. Officials are also asked to limit personal guests to a minimum of personal assistants and/or security personnel.

Cancellation Notice

Jefferson Lab reserves the right to cancel or postpone tours due to unforeseen circumstances that would make it unfeasible to conduct a tour. Should it become necessary to cancel or postpone a tour, the Communications Office will use all reasonable efforts to notify the group point of contact or individuals signed up for the tour.

School Group (K1-12) Visits

While Jefferson Lab does not offer tours for anyone under the age of 18, we do offer Physics Fest, an engaging, informative and entertaining presentation that includes a brief interactive summary of the science and technology at Jefferson Lab followed by a cryogenics and plasma presentation. For more information about Physics Fest and other activities for students, visit: https://education.jlab.org/

REAL ID Identification Requirements Begin May 3, 2023

Jefferson Lab is a federal facility and is subject to the identification requirements of the REAL ID Act. Beginning May 3, 2023, residents of every U.S. state and territory visiting the lab must present identification compliant with the federal REAL ID Act. The following link will help you determine what documentation is needed to comply with the federal REAL ID Act. If a visitor does not possess a state-issued driver’s license, ID card or passport that is compliant with the REAL ID Act, the individual must present one of the other identifications listed on the Department of Homeland Security website. Note: College, university and K-12 teacher and student picture IDs are not considered REAL IDs. Picture IDs other than those listed in the referenced web sites will not be accepted as REAL IDs.