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Newport News, York County Residents: Free Classes Begin in September for Community Emergency Response Team Volunteer Training

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Free Classes Begin in September for Community Emergency Response Team

Both Newport News and York County are looking for citizens who are interested in investing their time and abilities in an effort to enhance their personal, and their community’s resiliency in the event of a major disaster. Interested volunteers should consider taking Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. The next training sessions will begin on Sept. 14 in Newport News and on Sept. 12 in York County.

The training is free; applicants must be at least 18 years old and pass other requirements. See the linked handouts (handout 1 | handout 2) for specifics and for registration information.

Various volunteer opportunities are available to members who want to further enhance the CERT program and/or to improve their emergency preparedness knowledge, skills and abilities.

Eclipse Viewing Glasses Available Aug. 21 in the CEBAF Center Lobby

Eastern Virginia should experience much (80-90 percent) of the solar eclipse taking place on Monday, Aug. 21. Locally, the moon should pass between the sun and the Earth around 2:45 p.m. EDT.

Science Education has provided the Communications Office with a supply of “eclipse shades” (from a reputable vendor) approved for safely viewing the eclipse. The supply of these glasses will be made available to the Jefferson Lab community on the morning of Aug. 21. The glasses will be placed on the informational materials table in the CEBAF Center lobby at 9 a.m. that day. Please take only what you will use later in the day.

Important safety reminder: If you plan on viewing the eclipse -- while outdoors or indoors through a window -- on Monday afternoon, make sure you use only protective eyewear deemed reputable and approved for viewing the eclipse. Attempting to view the eclipse without appropriate protective eye wear could cause permanent damage to your eyesight.

To prepare for viewing the eclipse, you might want to view this episode of Frostbite Theater:  http://education.jlab.org/frost/2017-total-solar-eclipse-preview.html

The glasses were ordered from the vendor, Rainbow Symphony, a provider of specialty glasses. Online at: https://www.rainbowsymphony.com/

Catch the Free Yoga Classes on Wednesdays in CEBAF Center

As a JAG activity, Joe Beaufait, Physics Division, is offering free, all-level yoga classes on Wednesdays in CEBAF Center. The classes run from 5:30-6:30 p.m. and take place in one of three areas of CC: the auditorium, or conference room F113 or F224/225.

Joe is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. He describes this all-level class as friendly to the beginner, but offers plenty of challenges for those who want to push themselves. Yoga is a great way to lower blood pressure, lose weight, gain flexibility and reduce stress, he adds.

If you are interested, just bring a yoga mat, and wear easy-to-move-in clothing to the class.

If you’d like notification, let Jodi Patient, CEBAF Center receptionist, know and she’ll post the classes to your zimbra calendar.