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Santa’s Sleigh Dogs Deliver JLab, Other Donations to Mayflower Marathon Food Drive

  • 10th Annual Food Drive to benefit the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank
  • 10th Annual Food Drive to benefit the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank
  • 10th Annual Food Drive to benefit the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank
  • 10th Annual Food Drive to benefit the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank

Dan Young, Physics Division, and his wife Kim and their Samoyed dogs Nikko and Tally gathered food donations again this year and donated them to the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank during the annual Mayflower Marathon food drive.

On Nov. 19, 2017, Nikko and Tally wrapped up their 10th Annual Food Drive to benefit the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank.  “We went around and picked up all the donation boxes – five of which were here at JLab,” says Dan Young, Physics Division.  “We sorted and boxed everything up on Saturday and made our delivery on Sunday morning at the Mayflower Marathon Food Drive drop location in Hampton.  It was great weather for the food drive and we were greeted by lots of other volunteers.  As usual, Nikko and Tally were quite the center of attention as they delivered the boxed up donations.  Many repeat volunteers told us they had been waiting for Nikko and Tally to make their annual appearance.”

The final tally was 760 pounds of food – donated and delivered.  “It was a really successful day! Thank you to everyone who participated! The next stop for Nikko and Tally will be Santa's Workshop at the JLab Children’s Holiday Party on Dec. 9,” Dan added.

The Jefferson Lab Activities Group sponsors this annual food drive at Jefferson Lab.

Catch this video posted of Nikko and Tally and Dan and Kim Young making the food donation drop in Hampton. It is posted on the Facebook page of food drive sponsor 106.9 The Fox radio station:


Peninsula Agency on Aging Seeks Material and Cash Donations to Help Seniors During the Winter

The Peninsula Agency on Aging, in conjunction with Virginia Health Services and other organizations, is seeking monetary and material donations to help ensure that area seniors stay warm this winter. Donations for this drive will be accepted through Dec. 15.

See the flier for details. Donated blankets or other items may be left with Becky Mosbrucker, RadCon, and she will deliver them to PAA by Dec. 15. Contact Becky at 269-7236 with questions or to arrange a time to leave donated items with her.

VDOT Reminds Drivers to Watch for Deer on Roads

Through December, the Virginia Department of Transportation reminds all motorists to watch for deer on and near roads. According to VDOT, this is the time of year that deer tend to be moving about – especially in the early morning and into the evening - when they are most difficult to see. In Virginia, drivers have a 1-in-94 chance of hitting a deer, according to insurance industry claims data for July 2015 through June 2016. VDOT offers these tips to avoid hitting a deer:

  • Deer generally travel in groups. If you see one deer near or on the road, watch out for others nearby;
  • Deer are creatures of habit – if you see them in a certain spot, expect to see them again in that vicinity;
  • Drive the speed limit or reduce your speed when you see deer-warning signs;
  • Be on the lookout for deer at any time, but especially between dusk and dawn; and
  • Use bright headlights when possible and appropriate

If you see injured animals on Jefferson Lab property, report the situation to Mike Lewellen, Facilities Services, 269-7169, and after hours to Security at 269-5822. The complete VDOT release is posted online at: www.virginiadot.org/newsroom/statewide/2016/love_is_in_the108561.asp

Cyclists Invited to Participate in Autumn Cycling Commuter Challenge; Gets Underway on Sept. 22

In 2012, Jefferson Lab’s Director of Accelerator Operations, Arne Freyberger, began the Fall Cycling Commuter Challenge (FCCC) as an informal way to encourage members of the lab community to bike to work.

According to Freyberger, the goal of the unofficial activity is to raise awareness about alternative ways of commuting to work, as well as the benefits of commuting by bicycle: mental and physical health, and the financial and environmental benefits. The challenge also interjects a bit of fun into intense autumn work schedules.

Since 2012, FCCC/ACCC participants have commuted at total of 20,000 miles: the equivalent of 800 gallons of gasoline, 7 metric tons of CO2 and 275 pounds of human weight.

Participation started with just a few people and has increased over the years as word of the activity spread, and interest in cycling has grown.

The 2017 challenge will start on Friday, Sept. 22, the first day of autumn and run through the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21. New participants are encouraged to sign up no later than Friday. However, late registration is allowed. “We've had people start mid-challenge before. They don't stand much chance of winning, but it can be fun and motivating to post one's rides,” says Michael Merz, spreadsheet manager for the challenge.

The challenge is to commute to work via bicycle the most days. Participants honorably track their mileage on a shared Google Spreadsheet.

Prizes are given for Consistency (most days ridden) and Total Mileage. Based on the information tracked, the loosely knit group calculates the amount of gasoline not burned on their commutes, and the calories they burned.

The program is now dubbed the Autumn Cycling Commuter Challenge (ACCC) because Merz felt using the words “Fall” and “Cycling” together was a bad combination!

Freyberger shares this link to a recent article published in The Washington Post, titled: “Cycling to work means better health and a longer life.” Here’s how to get started. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/cycling-to-work-means-better-health-and-a-longer-life-heres-how-to-get-started/2017/09/08/b48d13f2-72ed-11e7-9eac-d56bd5568db8_story.html?utm_term=.33b61bc6e034

The folks at Global Cycling Network offer advice on bicycle choice in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNzTeEzciec

For more information, visit:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qz_zFMT2n-I3PNrrdFlTcZW7YotDkEnj52R2naD1sSE/edit

This is a voluntary activity; and isn’t authorized or sanctioned by JSA/Jefferson Lab. Participants undertake this activity at their own risk; and should consult their physician regarding their individual health and their desire to pursue this activity.

Catch the Free Yoga Classes on Wednesdays in CEBAF Center

As a JAG activity, Joe Beaufait, Physics Division, is offering free, all-level yoga classes on Wednesdays in CEBAF Center. The classes run from 5:30-6:30 p.m. and take place in one of three areas of CC: the auditorium, or conference room F113 or F224/225.

Joe is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. He describes this all-level class as friendly to the beginner, but offers plenty of challenges for those who want to push themselves. Yoga is a great way to lower blood pressure, lose weight, gain flexibility and reduce stress, he adds.

If you are interested, just bring a yoga mat, and wear easy-to-move-in clothing to the class.

If you’d like notification, let Jodi Patient, CEBAF Center receptionist, know and she’ll post the classes to your zimbra calendar.