Workshop on Superconducting Electronics and Detectors 2022

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  • Workshop on Superconducting Electronics and Detectors 2022
    CC F113
    2022-11-28EST8:00:00 ~ 2022-12-01EST12:00:00
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Workshop on Superconducting Electronics and Detectors

This workshop will be bringing specialists in superconducting electronics and detectors to meet with the nuclear physics users community.

Superconductors have always held many promises in terms of power savings with the advent of superconducting cavities and superconducting magnets. Since superconductivity is based on loosely bound Cooper pairs, some of the best energy and timing resolutions have been achieved with superconducting detectors such as Transition Edge Sensors and Superconducting Tunnel Junction, Superconducting Nanowires. The main drawback being the low temperature required for operation. This issue can be somewhat alleviated in places where cryogenics is readily available such as Jefferson Laboratory or other major Physics facilities. This can give an opportunity to take advantage of the performances of superconducting devices.

Main topics :

  • Superconducting detectors technologies  
  • Superconducting electronics
  • Properties of superconductors materials and films for detector and electronics productions
  • Lithography techniques
  • Application of superconducting detectors and electronics for Quantum Computing
  • Application for beamline Instrumentation
  • Application for physics experiment

Join remotely:

Event Date
CC F113
Scientific Program
Contact Name
Alexandre Camsonne
(757) 269-5064