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Accelerator Steering Magnets

Jefferson Lab's Accelerator Division contributes to the Lab's main mission of nuclear physics research by driving the operation, maintenance and upgrade of CEBAF Accelerator systems. Accelerator Division maintains over 8km of vacuum beam line aligned to sub-millimeter precision. Through time and as the needs of physics experiments demand, old beam line components are upgraded, newly engineered components are added, and failed components are replaced. These activities draw on Accelerator Division's vast scientific, engineering, computer control, technical, operational, planning and budgeting expertise.

Jefferson Lab's Accelerator Division contributes to the one of the Lab's core competencies. Jefferson Lab fabricates all of its own Superconducting RF accelerating cavities and housing modules. In addition to upgrading design and manufacturing process for CEBAF and FEL replacements, fabrication has been expanded to provide the accelerating cavities for Spalation Neutron Source (SNS). In order to make these cavities superconducting accelerator division runs the worlds largest 2k cryogenic cold box. JLAB is recognized as a world leader in Superconducting Radio Frequency Accelerating Cavity Technology.

Accelerator Division runs the FEL light source, the worlds highest average power CW light source.


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