A significant portion of the experiments performed at Jefferson Laboroary require a polarized electron beam.  A subset of these are parity violation experiments which have exceptionally stringent requirements on the quality of the electron beam. As the sign of the electron beam helicity reverses at the target of the experiment no other measurable quantity of the electron beam change may change.  This includes the beam intensity, position, angle, or energy.

To ensure this beam quality, a significant effort occurs at the polarized electron source, where the laser beam and electron gun combine to produce the intended electron beam.  Also significant is the ability to accelerate the beam to high energy while transporting it to the experimental target, all while maintaining a parity quality electron beam.
LESSONS LEARNED for parity violation experiments at Jefferson Laboratory is an on-going series of meetings between scientists and students from the accelerator and physics division to learn from past  experiences and meet new challenges in the field of parity violation experiments.

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