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Health and Safety Department

The Jefferson Lab Health and Safety Department addresses safety inspections, noise monitoring, hazardous waste management, chemical inventories, ventilation hood surveys, laser safety, spill cleanup, training, and many other safety related issues.

EH&S Electronic Logbook

Points of Contact:
Industrial Safety

Bill Rainey (Environment, Safety & Health Program Manager )
ARC, Room 602-19, ext. 7898 - Cell: 636-0611

Bert Manzlak (Laser Safety Officer & Liaison to Physics Division)
CEBAF, Room C102, ext. 7556 - Cell: 897-2651

George Perry (Liaison to Facilities Management and Logistics)
SSC, Room 80A, ext. 7841 - Cell: 298-8514

Todd Kujawa (Liaison to Accelerator Operations (Including the Injector)
Safety Trailer 35, ext. 7006

Tina Menefee (Liaison to Accelerator (SRF) Division, Emergency Manager, Safety Warden Coordinator)
Safety Trailer #35, ext. 5490 - Cell: 768-4030

Industrial Hygiene & Environment

Jennifer Williams (Industrial Hygiene Supervisor)
Safety Trailer #35, ext. 7882 - cell: 240-0031

Mary Boggs
Safety Trailer #35, ext. 7863

Mike Brown
Safety Trailer #35, ext. 6380

Brett Lewis
Safety Trailer #35, ext. 6254



Liaison and DSO Support

Bob May (Division Safety Officer (DSO) and Liaison to COO, CIO, CFO)
ARC (602-2), ext. 7632

Paul Collins Division Safety Officer (DSO) and Liaison to Engineering)
CEBAF Center (F363-1), ext. 5981