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Laser Safety

The safe use of laser beams and laser systems is essential for all l aser personnel and everyone working near a high-power laser system. Lasers are classified according to degree of hazard, from minimal hazard Class 1 to extreme hazard Class 4. Laser light, because of its properties, poses safety hazards not associated with light from conventional sources.

Training Qualifications

Laser Safety Orientation

To be a qualified user or supervisor of a Class 3b or 4 laser, you must be trained in the following subjects:

Recommended only for Class 4:

Medical Approval

All users of Class 3b or Class 4 lasers must have medical approval from the Jefferson Lab Occupational Health Physician. The Laser Safety/Medical Approval Form must be completed by the user's supervisor, and submitted to the Laser Safety Officer.

To be a qualified Laser System Supervisor for a class 3b or 4 you must:

Laser Hazards

Hazard Avoidance

You can avoid exposure to potential laser hazards by:

If you are involved with laser systems, you can minimize risks by: