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ICFA Workshop on Future Light Sources
March 5-9, 2012
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


The opening reception for the International Workshop on Future Light Sources will be held on Sunday, March 4, 2012 from 4:30pm-6:30pm in CEBAF center, building 12.  A detailed map can be found at: 

Jefferson Laboratory invites you to attend the International Workshop on Future Light Sources in Newport News, Virginia, USA. FLS 2012 is sponsored by the International Committee on Future Accelerators following previous FLS workshops in 2006 hosted at DESY and in 2010 at SLAC. The continuing success of X-ray FELs such as FLASH, LCLS and SACLA drives the need to consider technologies appropriate to providing extended capabilities of XUV to X-ray light sources for maximum user utilization.

The workshop is intended to discuss technologies appropriate for a next phase of photon user facilities providing high peak and average photon brightness focusing on the EUV to x ray region, especially CW machines. Intended to complement the on-going series of ICFA Workshops on ERL technology this meeting will focus more on approaches utilizing FELs. 

Working sessions will be devoted to Storage ring light sources, ERL light sources, FEL light sources, Electron sources, Undulators, Timing and electron and photon diagnostics, and Compact light sources (Compton backscattering sources, laser plasma wakefield sources, etc.).

Jefferson Lab is served by three nearby airports and is only a 2.5 hour drive from Washington, DC. We will utilize on-site facilities for plenary and side meetings and thereby keep the registration cost low. Many nearby hotels are available at modest cost as well as our own on-site Guest House.

Principal Organizers are Swapan Chattopadhyay, George R. Neil and Gwyn P Williams

For general inquiries or if you anticipate needing an invitation letter for visa purposes, please contact

For program inquiries, please contact

Key Dates:

Attendance will be open but limited to approximately 160 scientists. Late registration begins on February 4th.

Abstracts are required for all plenary and working group talks (as agreed with WG conveners). For groups wishing to display a poster on the current capabilities of their facility, a short abstract is also needed. Abstract Submission deadline is February 1, 2012. Abstract Submission deadline has been extended to February 8, 2012.

In a correction to the previous notice, proceedings will be issued consisting of all oral papers. Papers will be submitted at the conference in camera-ready form complying to JACOW format. See for author information and templates.


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