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Excited Hyperons in QCD Thermodynamics at Freeze-Out
November 16-17, 2016
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


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Group Photo


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A workshop to discuss the influence of possible “missing” hyperon resonances (JLab KLF Project) on QCD thermodynamics, on freeze-out in heavy ion collisions and in the early universe, and in spectroscopy. Recent studies that compare lattice QCD calculations of thermodynamic calculations, statistical hadron resonance gas models, and ratios between measured yields of different hadron species in heavy ion collisions provide indirect evidence for the presence of “missing” resonances in all of these contexts. The aim of the workshop is to sharpen these comparisons, advance our understanding of the formation of baryons from quarks and gluons microseconds after the Big Bang and in today’s experiments, and to connect these developments to experimental searches for direct, spectroscopic, evidence for these resonances. This Workshop is a successor to the recent KL2016 Workshop: https://www.jlab.org/conferences/kl2016/.

Organizing Committee

Moskov Amaryan, ODU - Chair
Eugene Chudakov, JLab
Krishna Rajagopal, MIT
Claudia Ratti, University of Houston
James Ritman, Ruhr-U. Bochum & IKP Jülich
Igor Strakovsky, GWU



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